Alter, End, Renew.

Ritual cleansing, the time has come.

For a new season has dawned upon us and the setting that we were once ever so accustomed to has at last come undone.

Our mindsets are altered and our relationships have been suddenly rearranged. It seems certain that we have turned a page.

Yet within this chapter, the beginning page is ineligible.

For I do not possess the skill to read a dead language, nor can I retrieve feelings from the ether world.

It seems to me that from this confusion, order shall solidify eventually.

For we must learn to overcome these tribulations that harass us all as part of an experimental experience.

Once understanding takes root, I make sense of the new world before me. It is light, I move freely for there are no boundaries.

Fleeting and receding as my biological systems glitch, then I remember the first time I kissed moonlit lips or fought against one of my brothers, who wanted no part in it.

As the memories, these cellular reminders, remind me of the futility of living anywhere but presently, I simply wish that I was omnipresent, so that I would not be struck down by any means, but that would be pointless, and end in misery.

For if I saw all of life’s plan’s, quirks and mysteries, then what would truly be the point of it?

That would be numbing. To be omnipotent.

For there are no challenges to accept nor failures to acknowledge, and all you would do is watch through piercing eyes the story that you wrote initially begin to warp and tarnish.

Inside or outside, what do you prefer personally?

To delve into knowledge and understanding of this reality, or to forge and enjoy it personally. Balance, is what I rely on.

For if I venture too far into either world, who’s to say i’ll come back to my truth or simply fade away, becoming a new entity, before too long.

Who knows what shall pass, once we allow ourselves to unfold and truly bend. For if we are tight and rigid, how can we live fully and truly until our very end.

Fluid and present, that is the new constant. Invoke a symphony to the cosmos to celebrate the new initiation into infinity, if only for an infinite moment.

For it is over, yet it never ends. Rarely begins. As it is constantly in a motion of spin.

In a circle, until the full shape has passed, only to return to it’s originality and allow once more the full cycle to pass.

Ritual cleansing, nothing ever ends and everything doesn’t last.

Life is a wave. We are constantly cycling and altering our experience through further perspective and understanding. Don’t cling to beliefs that do nothing for you. Don’t hold on to the past for it has already passed through you. Have faith in your heart and know that all you can ever do it live true, to you. If you enjoyed this piece, please share it among your media/blogs as well as your friends and family, it means a lot to this young and aspiring writer.

I just released my 2nd EP under my musical persona, “The Aquarian Initiative”, please click the link below if you would like to check it out!

Sending you Light through Love,


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