Lush Rust

Don’t attempt it own your own.

Ultimately it is futile, if you truly think about it.

For what is an isolated perspective without a collective to introspect and further beyond it. That which is inherent and rather evasive.

With anguish the recognition is infallible and pure.

Hidden beyond a closed door. Many believe it requires far more. Maybe it does. Maybe not.

For a single note within the current song is but a mere thought.

Yet it truly is difficult to let it be, when you find yourself separated by thin veils of transparency, for that which was apparently, dissipated ever so vacantly.

Yet what is so is due with just cause, for every action ignites a reaction, crimson flags a mere distraction, to a vacant illusion, multiplied by the dozen. Risen, unto what?

A call, one that comes from above. Below. Where do we sow? These fatal, paradoxical blows, for emotions implore a far distinguished foe.

For we are lost, until we find a home.

Within one another, we seem to know, that there was never a question, an answer nor a regret, that we would later ponder upon and regret.

As an interaction by definition is such, we implore one another to explore our inner truth and trust.

So long as we remain true and do not turn to historical pieces of rust.

For we are not made to toss aside and kiss away, longing to the dust.

Avatars, reflections. Antidotes or infections, what is the reflection?

There is no remedy in an absolute introspection, unless the hopeless fear we all grasp hold is completely overbearing.

For there is an answer, thrice and a thousandfold repeated to relieve any load.

When there is nothing left, leave it behind, allow your heart to implode.

For there is beauty infinite present within the scarlet, ivory, emerald and iron mold.

A million jewels and thoughts that each of us can explore. Affection and intention.

Maybe youth and the elder suffer from the same affliction, for love is the only truth in any direction.

Be true. Please. Don’t allow her to slip away suddenly foolishly and frequently . Don’t wrap him ever so gently, only to release him coldly.

As we as humans take on many forms; doves, sharks, trees and bears. We are incredible beings, and aren’t meant to be ensnared.

Please never give into, lesser of you, for that would only break the deeper essence of your beauty, that alone remains true.

For nothing is ours but our soul, burning deep within our vessel, the furnace, it is a coal.

Decisions are numerous yet only you can do, what releases and thrusts forward the love inside of you.

Precious life, that is what we all possess. Wishing you beauty and encouragement in yours. I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, writing truly keeps me tranquil and at peace in times of chaos, which i live in, but always push yourself to truly do what you love. That’s what we are built to do.

Sending you Light through Love,


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