Evoking the Moment

A fragile touch or a warm embrace.

Sensations that evoke cellular rearrangements, in motion towards a shift in mindset.

For perspective is precious and held on loosely by a thread, as long as the concept maintains it’s solidity then upon it’s path our ego may tread.

Yet was this what we intended, for is an enchanted spectacle not a worthy event?

Even if it never existed, a mere dream drifting softly among the stars in my head.

Crystals of all shapes, colors and sizes.

Why do they suddenly manifest in abundance in a vision that denounced an illusion.

For it is an awakening moment, to see a perfect hand with clear silver upon it, no longer represent unity, the emblem of trust is outwards, no longer within, meaning the bond is not polished, rather tarnished and seemingly forgotten.

Smoke suddenly alleviates the symptoms that strike vigorously and through to the core. A fragile shell appears before you in a sterile gleaming room, laying upon snow white sheets, hand in hand, you lock eyes and meet.

For there are no words necessary to describe how the soul evades, the tests of time in which our body and mind sustain.

For we are whole, only in this realm do we fragment momentarily, to see the world before us as a singular reality, in which we engage, role play and seemingly believe, that although letting go is never easy, holding on certainly puts you to sleep.

And so we weep, if only to release the memories we cherish and fear, for moving forward with a pure heart and conscious intent is the only way that we can truly adhere to why we are inherently here.

To give and receive, to cheer and grieve, to love harder for when never know when eternity will slip from us infinitely.

From then, we look through a mirror, a seemingly placid veil.

For it is clear that we are lucid, yet no longer will we remain still.

Maintain your composure and devotion, for the notion of our invisible challenge is that only can we directly alter the course of our incoming collision through direct and immediate action.

We all have to learn our own lessons and repeat them until we are no longer looping in a familiar and chaotic segment.

Very grateful for this wonderful world and life that we collectively inhabit. Through Chaos comes Order, that’s something to remember in this day and age, especially when the pressure of being incarnate during the dramatic shifts happening in every aspect of the Human paradigm in this century. Remain true, love deeply and always follow your heart and intuition.

Thank you for reading and I truly hope you connected with this piece. If you wish to support my work as a young writer please do share my blog on your own blog/media and share among your friends and family, I truly appreciate it.

As always, sending you Light through Love,


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