Viva vie

In retrospect, only after the fall was there any hesitation.

Fluid, conscious and responsive, why question the indiscretion of free love, that which truly is a divine connection.

Affection, that was pure intention, rarely a motion that disconnected the collective notion.

For there was nothing more, do you not feel it within your core, that you can climb an endless ladder in front of you or step inwards through an open door.

What for, for the space that we call home can be vacant, chaotic and certainly delve into the realms that we categorize as neurotic.

A tragedy, yet no one saw it, silently scattered to the four corners, our history is no mystery.

Deny our hearts, allow the illusion to frolic unchecked, until havoc is wrecked, then who solves it?

You or I?

One could try, only to be transmuted into an endless puzzle that is the unknown element, that is always amplified.

For we are of the mist, fading yet clearly acknowledged.

Dreams, they evade the Sun even to this day.

For it is the Moon that crafts those unspoken gifts, while the latter inspires and persists on the order of that which seemingly is.

Nothing is constant, even if the illusionary perception remains, the reality before you is adapting unto an expanded formation, the acidic rain at times dissipates what we may have believed to be of infinite substance.

Emotions, energy in motion, cause and effect, respect or neglect, for through conscious will choose what we inherently affect.

So remain true and do not give in, for when it ends and you believe it has at least come to a conclusion, you may open them to realize it has only now started to begin.

An endless journey that will never cease, until at last we release that which keeps us ensnared to a fragment of foreign philosophy.

As our experience is nothing more than glass, fragile and delicate, yet sharp and willing to last, so before you bend forward aimlessly remember to think fast.

For it seems that love and death, the too constants, always suddenly pass.

I truly appreciate you reading this piece and I hope you enjoyed. Please do feel free to share it on your own media/blogs as well as among your friends and family, it means a lot to me as I don’t promote my work on many other platforms.

Sending you Light through Love,


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