Wünscht Sich

With every step and every breath, we brace ourselves forward against an ever shifting experience.

Based on the stories and perspectives that we inherit from the collective, we set forth to see what we will be be to learn for ourselves through unique tints.

We find ourselves manifest and encased, within a spherical space that is encompassing and refracting, allowing you to react or subtract.

It is a pact, one that we take upon ourselves, to find peace within a complex realm, through simplicity we return home, yet it is ever distant.

For home is where you make it and do not be mistaken, it can burn down in an instant and leave you tarnished and fragmented.

Yet ultimately this tragedy was a reflection externally of what you internally neglected, for there are always hidden notes that can only be noticed through subtle detection.

For we are in suspension, even as time evades us. Playing games in a once golden garden that has begun to fade and rust.

Through lust, the illusion that allowed you to feign trust, was the burden that maintain a deception, can you relate even vaguely to a paradise that was only once way.

Though love from above can pierce through our being and allow us to if only even momentarily remember, the gift of a sweater on a cold evening long ago in September.

The individual seems to spill in the shadows when they are unseen and tranquil.

The purging qualities in which we prescribe to lonely lovers who only through time abide.

As we snap back into seemingly normal reality, figments and regrets hanging around invisibly.

For we tragedy a glitch in the system unveils a hidden code, one that activates serenity and responsibility for the transgressions and encumbersome loads.

For we maintain what we reap emotionally eventually for it is that which we sow, that points the direction our hearts compass may or may not intend to go.

For few this is easy precise and measured.

Unforgettable moments that are infinitely treasured.

As there is only one cure for our condition, to live in compassion and love, forgetting and disavowing the chaotic and negative distractions.

For there are rarely compatible vessels that match your essence, surround yourself with those that truly empower and inspire your own divine impression, for it is meant to be made upon this Earth at this moment in time.

You, alone, have the power to ultimately heal and change your mind. Stuck in a web of vast and vital decision, make sure you move to the movement of your own true dictation.

As it is easy to find yourself dissolving among the waves of ever impressing static. Yet white noise is an impediment that we learn to channel, into a controlled state that surpasses the finest logic.

For it is in this open space that we are able to reunite and truly confide, that which means the most to our heart, that which we previously denied.

As always, sending you Light through Love,



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