Connect, don’t regret

Uncomfortable truths certainly, yet without a doubt they are still present.

As the elephant in the room that no one wishes to acknowledge, before it confronts your limited space and you can ignore it no longer.

This is just another piece of the puzzle. A fragment of the overstepping experience.

Acknowledge the shadows that are creeping slowly behind us before they take our place. For it is no race, slow down.

In order to accept the sentence wrought upon you, lay your head down. Take in the scent of the salt sea and the soft breeze of a sudden wind.

For this is the moment in which we begin to digest, that which we constantly consume and then in turn fail to digest.

This energetic body, laden with weights and burdens.

It is rather discerning to see that at times we are incapable of release.

As the stress of the abstract and pressure of the future is enough to bring you to your knees.

As the trials and tribulations continue day by day, we must achieve balance, release trauma and only react to a situation in which we are equipped to achieve.

Alas there is no pass required in order to simple breathe and come to a place of serenity. Here you find yourself interwoven throughout the very essence of eternity.

We see at last that what I see as you and you see as me, is nothing more than split reflections, within a cracked mirror, peering back at thee, for an individual soul returns to the whole of conscious energy once it leaves the time space and lays to rest, it’s body.

For I am laying to rest, a chapter that contained some of the best memories and tests, it pushed me further, evolving me into a better man.

As we all are constantly changing day by day in our universal lands.

Yet even as these moments fade I regress and progress to release the truths that are rotting in my own isolated bed.

For as a unit of measure that could be depicted as either garbage or treasure, allow me to expand on some acknowledgements that haven’t left my locked box since never.

For it is true that as an individual bound in service to a body and purpose that has not been discerned yet, it’s difficult to truly remove my egotistical boundaries and entirely digest what you yourself have been through, time and time again.

That applies to not one, but all.

For I do not intend to cause a ripple of pain when I fail to announce that I may not be ready for this shift, slightly irresponsible and neurological, evasive maneuvers for now, yet know that we are connected infinitely and in the end I wish you see you all, standing proud and tall, as I hope you wish nothing less of me.

For that is what we lack, is it not?

Simple compassion and unity, allowing love to seep into between your legs until you feel the force of the big bang, far more than a flawed scientific theory.

Another fallacy is that I tend to claim to a favored perspective, even when it begins crumbling as facts and analytics get ahead, understand that a point of singularity is simplicity, it may be to you but with billions of singularities believing their simplicity to be understood with ease, this in turn produces chaos collectively attempting to grasp simplicity through the teaching method of complexities.

As the third is certainly not unheard, but possibly the most difficult to penetrate.

As we are manifest within a certain altitude upon this plane of existence at birth and your surroundings have an everlasting and detrimental impact on you.

For it is through family and friends, a culture indeed, that we begin to develop our basic moralities and mental faculties.

In turn, this can cause us to close our eyes, for if we do not open our mind and understand throughout the many layers of the Human Onion, then we will walk through this life blind.

So never detest another and never subside to a moment in time when you were incapable of meeting another’s, due to their skin color or which language they celebrate and which perspective they deny.

Understanding in the face of danger is an immense sign of self discipline. For if you encounter a situation that you perceive as negative, do not judge until you have fully received it’s notion.

For then you can react unbiased. Something that can difficult to grasp unless you analyze and dissect the situation before engaging.

A final note of wisdom, always have faith in yourself to do what must be done for the betterment of you, I, everyone truly.

For each action requires a reaction and that must be understood before you can move forward and actualize your potential, infinitely.

This means that you have what it takes, you are more special than you could possibly think and that your love is the sweetest potion, the ever intoxicating drink.

Love, that what we utilize as the most powerful tool, to dethrone tyrants and show the woman or man that you love, that neither of us rule.

For only a fool would see themselves as an evolved cell, within the body of Humanity we are swimming and learning through the ages, some would define their own experience as heaven while others would warn you to be wary of living hell.

Thank you brothers and sisters for taking the time to read my piece, I really appreciate it! I hope you found some wisdom in piece in this work, please check out my previous pieces as well, I write posts almost daily so there is plenty to read. If you would like to support my work, please follow the blog and share on your own blog and media, please also share among your friends and family, anything to help get the word out!

As always, sending you Light through Love,


Please feel free check out my new EP, Simple talk, by my musical counterpart, The Aquarian Initiative, link is below!

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