Rehearsed Retractions

Oh silent spirit, I lay awake.

In order to demonstrate the vibration that has been reverberating rapidly through me, maybe I should simply abdicate this state of mind, for as of late, I feel as though I am swimming through an endless lake.

Then drifting rocks me and I am thrown overboard from my fragile vessel, into the great unknown, this is anything but shallow.

Howls and screeches, vices and miscreants, liars and forlorn secrets.

Subtle harmonies of an angelic disposition, engulf the ebony tendrils that were seemingly covering me as a suffocating blanket.

Cough, spew and regurgitate an immense amount of vile residue.

Substances that represented fear and hate seeped energetically into infinity anew.

A single breath, it is ever so sweet.

As you open your eyes to cold sweats and a very similar mold. One that you have frequented so it seems, ever so often in your far away dreams.

It is here in the great keep, that we do not ever react, nor do we weep.

For it is a sanctuary where the dead sleep, the risen learn and the awoken teach.

Transferred through an eon in the blink of an eye.

We learn here what it means to flow softly as a raven or powerfully and gracefully as a cumulonimbus in the upper reaches of the sky,

to tread the soil lightly as a snake or charge through it as a boar,

to swim smoothly as a dolphin or to ride the ocean as the sharks hunt alone.

It is here the embers are lit, to reunite with your whole and seep wisdom from your dearest and nearest, as you reconcile and realign, you acknowledge that from this point all space and time intertwine.

Now through a vision in which you were purged through admission, return to a world in a seemingly dire situation that rarely attains any form of special attention.

For we operate in a world of incredible deception and discretion in the main form of intention employed by those who would seek to teach you a lesson.

Yet that is never true, as through free will only can you, release yourself from the bonds that inhibit and imprison you.

Smash that against the chain of truth and unlock the full potential that is perfectly clear and inherent within you.

For to beseech those that which to enforce free speech is the same as shooting the messenger who wishes to offer nothing more than peace.

For the only true enemy is ultimately within, which prevents us from seeing the corruption and sickness that is riddled and profuse upon our entire plane of existence.

For that is why I lay awake, in an endless lake as of late, to understand and perpetuate the Human Condition prescribed to a fragmented collective that cannot seem to ever truly unite and relate.

For we are the antidote, we are the just cause, there is no reason to hide the truth, there is no shame in denying the state of the affairs, there is no burden in retreating and simply repeating over and over again to yourself that you simply wish that the world was once more transmuted into what it once was.

For in order to fly freely and surely as a white dove, you must first seek harmony within, without and then acknowledge that whatever this experiment is about, the point of friction is doubt and the compass points that love is the only way we can reroute.

So offer your condolences and offer your sympathy. Offer your hand and brawn, offer your intellect if you are witty.

Don’t pretend however, as this is a rather uncertain journey.

It can be over in the blink of an eye, so certainly you better actualize and hurry.

Thank you for reading my friends. I truly loved writing this piece, as I do with all, yet this flowed very truly and purely from me, so I hope you enjoyed it. If you wish to support me as a writer please do follow the blog and share on your own media and among your friends and family, it really means a lot to me and I appreciate your support more than you could imagine!

As always sending you Light through Love,


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