Implore and Reason

Softly singing a soliloquy silently and repeatedly.

To understand the hidden message that evades us until we plunge into the sea, only to realize the simplicity of the complexity that brought us to a sudden conclusion would have been alternate had we let it be.

For that is what the roots bring forth to the tree, connection to the entirety, never had it been a fallacy unless you sought isolation entirely.

Yet then, where exactly do we remain?

Numb and enchanted by a song that never ends its reign, hypnotic and enticing to the point of bliss, distracting you from what is far more pressing, yet it never gives in and only you choose to persist.

On dancing in an endless circle beneath the same fire every evening, evading the clear call to adventure that is daunting yet pending.

For forged anew and brought unto, you have a clear path set before you, endless trails and riddling mazes, we seek understanding through a series of decisive phases.

These stages engage and set a pace, for a life that you are inherently meant to embrace, yet only you can give chase, or you can give into the cold taste of passionless necessity that duplicates the further we fragment.

From our purpose and love, alas is it ever micro and macro, one minute the center of the Universe only to collide with a Black Hole and suddenly it is gone and so are you, transported to a different point in space, as thirty-three moons stare vacantly into you.

As always it fades and as you decay into the world once more, you awaken rather suddenly.

Flooded with memories that vividly acknowledge everything that has come to with an unconscious purpose, to deliver us, you, me, whoever, all of us are changing and interlocking through various figments of an invisible treasure.

A piece of art that consciously unfolds, the past, present and future within a single mold.

It is here, transmuted and clearly dated, that flowing through this trifling river is the only way in which the unscathed and unbroken break through a hypnotic trance that leaves our spirit ever so disregarded.

To the point in which we find it clear to see, that what traverses through a singular affects a ripple in time that will react accordingly.

Eventually, karma, the law of effect, which leaves us dumbfounded and in wonder, in awe and regret, will always catch up to us like a forbidden secret.

For only we can be prepared through and through reality by acting conscious in accordance to unity, though we evolve and henceforth resolve to no longer revolve around an insidious cycle, as we are the operators of this flesh and blood vehicle.

Breathe now and truly do recycle, the anguish that if released uplifts us into true spirit or if held into inner denial.

Thank you kindly for reading and I hope you enjoyed, as always sending you Light through Love,


I released my debut single “Amor” for my musical project “The Aquarian Initiative” third EP entitled “Lovers and Errors”! You can find it on my sound cloud below if you would like to explore another one of my creative avenues!

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