Night comes as the light begins to fade away.

This is the time we have to stoke our inner embers so that they may burn freely the coming day.

Evening, now we may have some peace and at least attempt to get some rest.

Yet internally I am torn beyond measure and my soul will not relent, despite the beauty and grace surrounding me and certainly empowering me to continue to reach towards my dreams.

There is a reason, without a doubt, one that is the sole key holder to an inner asylum, here is where the heart and essence of my vitality reside, you know sweet lover I can hardly abide.

For time is a precious resource as it is what we possess, to track this experience of bliss, so that we do not skip a beat and miss, the truth that will never cease to exist.

For like a songbird with a broken wing, I have so much to share with you if only I could push myself to fly again.

As it is true then when Love sets it’s seed in you, you tend to lose track of you entire perception in reality as it overpowers and begins to transform you.

It is a wonder, that is no doubt, one that only we can tap into if we let go of self doubt, defeat the shadows of our past and look at one another and see ourselves as a reflection in an endless ocean, we mirror what we feel we are incapable of expressing, I wish I had asked for help.

Help, a hand indeed that could soothe and serenade me and contemplate the condition plaguing my frozen symphony.

A black hole that illuminates and draws forth the finest energies, to meld and purify two souls that together can make sense of the chaos of infinity, oh sweet moonshine, that is what love is to me.

Freed, sooner than later you realize that it does not put a wolf at ease.

When he hunted alongside his pack passionately and sought to truly build upon his destiny collectively.

Now that he is wandering the woods alone, the beast realizes that without with twin soul, then he will never truly be at home.

Through the fires and trials, what more could put my mind at ease.

Softly singing under the moonlit breeze, to a brightly illuminated figure, a water log as she once told me.

Stains, these are embedded within me. Wracking and transferring thoughts that can’t possibly set me to a tone of release.

For there is no peace when you are stuck in stasis, unable to embrace your opposite magnet.

Love is only ever tragic, when you neglect it or allow it to fade in an untimely fashion.

Thank you for reading the piece and I hope you enjoyed. Please share the work with your friends and family if you enjoyed it, I really appreciate your support!

Sending you Light through Love,


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