Verlorene Wälder

Wandering through a lost city in the sand, a figment of visualized of the true meaning of no man’s land.

It is in this voyage in which I stand, hand in hand, with a shadow man.

No mouth to speak, no eyes to read, completely expressionless, yet I allow this seemingly harmless monstrosity to lead me further into purgatory.

In this land, time is dancing, all thoughts are known so there is no need for confessing, what is required of you is a simple lesson, so simply pay attention, for the truths we learn in the heart of the unknown are brutal and without discretion.

Gaze side to side and expand your view, as we are lured deeper into integrity and reconstruction, simply let loose, for there is nothing else that you could truly do.

As it is here, surrounded by emptiness and sharp images, that we are tested.

Tested through trial and error.

For it is futile to believe you will make it through unscathed.

There are no favorites among eternity, here we are inherently transparent and succumb to the same remedy, harmony.

This presence will persist until you let go of the fallacies that cling to our cells as they were conditioned to be.

Break through anew, maybe that is the purpose of the other side.

For within this realm of flesh, so many of us simply hide.

Abide by the laws and regulations set before us, perspectives and philosophies that make us more isolated and suspicious, although there is great truth in every manifestation, it can easily be corrupted by the will of the fallen.

For we fall when we do not ride within the collective symphony, the Universe in which we all strive, to learn and better understand our ever so complex state, yet pure and simple if you simply fall into place.

Yet what place do we belong and what do we truly know, as though our entire fabricated existence were to burst into eternity as we reach our final death throes.

It is as this moment that we recognize that we can never take a single moment for granted, especially when they are alongside those that hold your heart closer than you could ever begin to know.

For poetry was initially sparked by passion or tragedy, which are one in the same if you do not temper your inner flame, if you were to ask me.

These words that were spilled, through eons of the continuum , time immemorial, we all relinquish which within is held.

In many forms, we creators make our mark.

To demonstrate the energy that is radiating within, for it is what allows us to feel whole and truly embark.

Further and further, yonder and yonder, until there is nothing but an enveloping syllable that guides you.

Coinciding within, this is where we all begin, to forgo a path of uncertainty and claim our righteous incision.

For we must cut through space and time, if we wish to truly make it to the end of this tenacious place.

Here we are once again, I forgo this embrace and awaken at last.

Bidding you well and grateful that you took the time to read this piece, please feel free to share with you friends and family if you feel obliged to do so.

Sending you Light through Love,


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