Wayward Compass

Energizing is it not, the process of simply succumbing to pure thought.

For in this state of fluidity we are capable of breaking free of the mental blockages that prevent us from moving forward in a state of understanding and peace.

These are the dilemmas that for many millennium, have prevented the most capable and stable from reaching the true pinnacle.

For if we are not willing to bend and in turn mend to the new environment then how do we intend to evolve in the face of obstacles that manifest suddenly and only are vanquished through our faith and resolve.

As we cannot cling to any belief that forces us to blindly follow a dogmatic retreat, that leads us further and further away from one another, astray as sheep as the wolves simply chuckle lightly among one another, internally sown, externally we reap.

As deception and distractions are a far more effective offensive, than guarding the streets physically and utilizing fear as the dominant weapon.

For what good is an empty lesson, if we do not even pay attention, as though there was a sudden inception.

Now forward bound,why place faith in discretion.

As there was never attention made to those that simply evade to equalize their internal maze, running endlessly to your grave, only to realize you alone have sown what into your Human experience has been engraved.

For we cannot rape and plunder, pillage and believe ourselves to have untold privilege.

For living within a conscious biosphere that recognizes a present danger may spell a grave message slowly over the future days unless we forbade ourselves from pushing the darkness to it’s limits.

For energy translates into power and if used positively can bring about wonders and prosperity, yet in the hands of those that hate and lack wisdom, it brings about decay and disharmony.

So in this infinite encapsulation there are guidelines in which we must coincide alongside if we do not wish to be deprived of our innermost love and free spirit, the two elements which when combined can never be denied.

For the truth is found alone within you, this is clarity.

Inferiority was never apart of the equation for any conscious being, so sing true to yourself and allow your heart to always beam, in the direction of what is true to you, as it is different from what is true to me.

The simple matter of the fact is that in the end, when we are ourselves, whole and at peace, we can at last live in serenity and tranquility, as one another mirrored in the eyes of love, we realize that we are experiencing the mysteries that so many wise ones speak of.

Love, the unifying force field that pierces even those that resent it, in the end, resistance only promotes a burden until it is undone.

Enjoy the beauty right in front of your eyes, even in the most desolate and desperate of times throughout humanity, there is beauty. Beauty in courage and in love, beauty in strength and wisdom and faith in what is beyond what our thoughts can make sense of.

As always, I am immensely grateful that you lovely people read my work, it truly is my passion. Support my journey as a writer by sharing my work on your own blog/media as well as with friends and family. I bid you peace

Sending you Light through Love,



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