Verbotene Seele

Emitting through me in complete in utter unison, so where exactly do we begin?

Neutralizing any remnants of the benevolent, please spare me the usual regiment, for I am not one to abide by doctrine or another’s veiled perspective.

For I am born of the wind, fluid and constantly in motion. There is no distortion nor is there a mistake in the calculation that is depicted within my presentation.

With fascination, peer into an endless sea, that’s stares back at thee with the vast intensity of infinity.

Soaring through the horizon without a disguise, I do not hide and nor would ever choose to abide to one that would suppress the spirit inside.

For I seek no fallacies in this backwards reality that you and I encompass, for the love of the creator, there is only splendor henceforth from what you bore into this hearth.

The flames, for they burn brightly in this evening, it is ever so enlightening.

Do not be frightened, for this is all a part of the natural cycle, the game in which we energetically play, laughing within the dark ages, now can’t you see?

So many are ignorantly in denial. Of themselves, for they are the judge, jury and executioner in their own trial.

Poetic justice, is that what you would call it? Spinning in an endless circle, I’d call that neurotic.

For this potion that we brew is vital, yet what ingredients do we reach for when we begin to transmute the stew?

Why is it that we seem to break down more and more as we are born anew.

For there is only suffering in the beginning, if you fail to evolve then you fail to truly acknowledge the mesmerizing trance.

One that enforces us to rebel and dance, sow chaos among the corrupted order and begin anew.

For we are free momentarily, are we not? When we succumb to pure thought and dissipate the mechanical functions that mimic us inherently as though we were nothing than deal steel robots.

For I will not rest, no I stir, oh how I stir.

For sleep evades me as I work desperately to project and manifest that which resides within my bones.

For I feel it within my throne, I am a king who will never be forsworn.

Forsaken within my heart and my soul, plagued in my mind and body, never before and never more.

For I soar, do I not? Do you soar, do you not?

I don’t speak egotistically I am trying to break through a veil and pierce you, yes you, truly.

To beseech thyself and love thyself and truly bring forth a new eon in which you bloom an infinite spring.

For it is what you bring, not what I barter.

Only you can break through the game that traps us fragmented ever longer.

So seek yourself and render the lies void. You’ll find yourself inside and the truth you bring about will be crucial to our rise.

Take time to process. Yet never forget to evolve and move forward. That is our initiative, to truly bring forth what we have to offer to yourself and in turn ourselves through the collective. Be a positive change, spread your heart. If you wish to support my work then please follow the blog and share among your media and family/friends.

My musical project The Aquarian Initiative has gone live on most major streaming services (Spotify, Apple music, Itunes, Youtube etc.). Follow the link below to find my alternate art on your preferred music platform of choice!

Sending you Light through Love,


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