Cycling Syllables

Slipping silently through the everlasting mist, gracefully as a dove and softly through bliss.

As though a phantom that continues to persist, on haunting and blessing, mesmerizing and destabilizing.

These are the options that are constantly moving through us fluidly.

A curse that we must nurse to optimal health, of course, why yes.

Yet this is exactly why we tend to detest, the endless thought waves that never seem to rest.

Why would they after all, for they were never given a proper farewell ceremony, departed in such a hurry.

Maybe that is why this fading ghost continues to wander through our endless abode.

For it carries the load still, fragmenting more and more and eventually, we forget exactly why we passed away without accepting what was present in our past reality.

For is it present within, unto your kin, so that the progression begins, never slows, whispering silently to the wind so that we do not reprimand, the trend that we set in place.

For we bend through it all, churning unto a wheel, it’s exactly how it feels, these emotions bleed freely only to tightly seal.

Then we huddle, repent and attempt to forgive, that which we deemed infinite yet unfit in the moment, regretting almost instantaneously that the alchemical bond would be abolished. Singular and isolated, as all we have ever been.

Now, do you see a path? Do you feel as though this veil is lifting?

As though you were ultimately shifting into an untimely disposition that affects the current and the vacant before you were even able to make it.

Make it back to the mainland.

Make it back to shore.

For the shadow that stalks and studies anonymously can be privileged to do so no more.

For time is of the essence, this life is no chore.

We are not in purgatory, heaven or hell. We are in a state of mind, nothing more.

Although that statement unto itself is contradictory, if you were in the state which you were unable to feed your family, or if shells rained down upon your village endlessly, or if your ancient tribal jungle was burned to the last roots for nothing more than greed.

For this is the world we live in, this is the nectar we taste, this is the skin we embrace, no matter the rough or soft mate.

Trials and tribulations, we have been in preparation, for that which we are facing, is nothing more than another chapter in a story of limitless calculations.

As always, thank you kindly for reading and may your love guide you to your truth. Please follow the blog/share with your friends and family if you wish to support this young writer!

Sending you Light through Love,


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