Reden Rätsel

A portal through this space so that we may evade the circumstance known as time which is calculated unto our experience, through life and death we obey.

To portray a new day solemnly slipping into the depth of a bottomless twilight.

Steady hands, smoke rising over the water, with faith and divine protection, we shall advance through the sands of plight.

To break on through to a reality that is not decisively dictated through a variety of animosities.

As it is clear to see the irony, we are plagued en mass collectively, while a select percentile continues to breed a destructive monstrosity.

At least that’s how the game has run through a maze for a millennia, leaving the unaware docile and subjected to the darkness that appears smoothly and suddenly.

Here we acknowledge, here we detach and give into what has been said and done and what is inherently right.

Yearning to triumph over this intoxicating vision that persists upon detaching me from a perspective that would allow me to alter this disposition and transmute it anew, for this is no sorcery nor does it come solely from shadow seeds, magic is present within each and every single one of you.

For there is nothing to separate thee from manifesting the intuitive deed that guides you along this lifetime until you recede from it completely.

To follow your heart and see through a depicted and rather broken system that depletes and in turn controls the resources, both mental and physical until the biosphere incarnate is symbolically tarnished.

Actualization and reaction, give heed to no distractions for we require a plan of action to dethrone the unnamed glutton.

A brooding feud separating the mind, body and spirit; here you will play a role, yet will you live in truth to your soul?

For we never give in as it begins when we set anew, for to invoke the path of harmonious symbiosis requires the energy of me and you.

As these chaotic days shall bring about an order that tests the concept that we charter our ever finite lifespans by.

At last we shall remember, yet beginning to encompass your totality is when you shall coincide and at last break through.

Break through for we are not few and there is due diligence in bringing forth that which is due.

Blessed beyond measure, as we all are. I really appreciate you reading the piece and I truly hope you enjoyed, if you wish to support me, then share my blog on your own or with your social media/family and friends.

Sending you Light through Love,


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