Shifting Spectrum

A shifting cascade causing a whirlwind of select visuals to encapsulate your entirety.

Down to piety, humility and vacancy, as though we are mere blips in a vast and endless sea, written beautifully in the chronicles of eternity.

Through the lens of you unto the spectrum of me, it is here that unity is tested and given freedom through the breaking of chains that were never meant to be, yet were never shackled to thee.

For this state of mind presently defines the perspective that is nurtured, neglected or seemingly confounded.

Confounded in the mystery of the heresy that ransacks the composition we all cling to, this Universe.

What is the search seemingly for, are we meant to infinitely explore?

Are we to dwell simply as the eons simply soar and soar.

Do we give into the memories fading with each generation, more and more.

For the mutation present within the nations is an experiment with infatuation.

Infatuation with power, the energy that sets us suspended in this vast portrait.

To release and be selfless through the pure act of symbiosis or to be a pestilence and feed on unaware hosts who are distracted by their own negligence, no, we were never meant to be parasitic.

Understand the underlying message, etched into an digital engraving that is rendered manifest through this transmitting wreckage.

For it has been detected and analyzed, the ridicule that we emphasize is scrutinized to the edge of irony.

Here we see, in our limited and subjected state, that fluidity is the key that shall unlock your inner gate.

Smoothly accept this transition without hesitation as it was before so it shall be once more, here and now feel it deep within your core.

As a collective individual entity interwoven through a fabricated reality, undergoing the endless tests of evolution that are necessary if we choose to simply see, that this is no hierarchy and there is no possession, the slavery incarnate and hypnotic programming imposed on the unconscious is the ultimate transgression.

So pay attention now and be clear for our time is as near as it ever was, for all the power that ever was is manifest at this very moment, and only you alone can hone it, harness it and create the dreams that sate your true fate.

As though you’ve been inquisitive for far too long and today is the date, for you to demonstrate if you are capable of trusting and therefore loving the unknown, which we all manifest and incarnate.

This gift of life is truly all we have, and we alone can choose to actualize our potential. Sing your heart’s desire. Grateful that you took the time to read this work, please do follow the blog and share it among your media and friends/family if you wish to support my journey.

Sending you Light through Love,


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