Nightshade Dance

Decisions ridden with incisions that reveal an inner realm of rather unnerving figments.

Figments that hang and remnants that cling, as you are unaware of this bondage and continue wandering.

Pondering upon the root of an ailing clause, that grips you tightly as a phantom with titanium jaws, this is what we know as the spectral pause.

For in this moment we pause and exit, towards a light that is ever so enticing, mesmerizing to the point that you are fantasizing infinitely, no longer in touch with the ever looming reality, imposed upon thee and me.

For we are free as the Sun and Moon, constantly traveling unconsciously through a loop.

As it rises we begin anew, only to fall down and acknowledge that we are not entirely breaking through.

For this is an incremental fallacy, creeping upon me visually, as I close my burnt irises and begin to bleed mentally.

Trust and Lust, Love and Numb, Scattered and forgotten, is there anywhere to run?

When the actualization, no the sudden consequence is clearly a pretense to an expanding visage, one that does not indite our fading unity as heresy, rather known universally as a mere mystery.

As two halves isolated will never understand the highest frequency which can only be engaged as twin spirits finally greet.

Take a seat, simmer and cool, understand the golden rule, never play the role of the uncertain fool.

For there is never going to be a second chance at the forbidden dance, in which we prance and manifest our utmost romance.

Falling to your knees, utilize your forgotten faculties, harness the succulent energy that is flowing freely throughout our ever so vibrant paradoxical analogy, in which you and I climb this horizon, Eye see you, do you see me?

For Eye am one with this inner sanctum, meditate upon your own University.

For that which is unknown can never be satisfied, with an external banquet, deep within you know this materialism plague to be vacant.

A trick to you, a trick to me.

For Eye see beyond this blatant enslavement, never take the carrot, cherish your true heart and spirit.

Blessed and grateful to release. Release however you feel, never forget to harness and release. Thanks for reading, much love to you all, I really appreciate the support, by following me and sharing this blog on your own blog/media as well as with media and friends, you can support and motivate me on my writing journey.

Sending you Light through Love,


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