Wilder Zweck

Drifting as the dawn blissfully emerges, an extravagant divergent ensues, purging that which no longer serves you.

For within the structure there are certainly faculties that remain inactive unless granted freedom to collide and seek.

Seek forth from a still loop, that repetitively ensnares you, promising rehabilitation and contemplation in regards to previous negligent situations.

I abide by the principle, for this is only through the natural source of reason that we select an option that may have been rather misleading.

For there is no sense in retreating when you come to the outer limits and begin to display an emotional grievance that inhibits you from attaining your uttermost value, unknown currently, forever miscellaneous.

Unless you configure and resolve to deliver the voice of reason that has been abandoned by those deemed sinners.

As to fall from grace with such haste is a blatant outrage, formally acknowledged by the lack of spirit in your embrace.

Yet to what degree do we achieve, when we sell ourselves ever so shortly and consciously, as we breathe and simply see, that the only deception in turn is upon thee.

Yet to be spiteful of a sudden circumstance will get you no further than you were beforehand.

Do not hide, swim with the new flow of the tide, that is pushing you every yonder beyond the comfort zone in which you sought safety inside.

For this is no time to take refuge and attempt to avoid the deluge, this collective experience is interwoven from me unto you, meaning we share this moment as we share all, the only separation of energy is the distinct bodies and molded minds that we cling to rather than breaking free of it all.

Deeper and deeper, underneath the mass of layers, here we discover a source of fire and thunder.

Now to release and roar or implode and ignore, as though you alone can decide to soar or you can aimlessly wander evermore.

The opportunity is provided infinitely and is free universally, to cleanse and purge us of our lower faculties that prevent us from actualizing our potential and henceforth healing the micro and macro inherently, it begins with you as it begins with me, flow gracefully and passionately through the everlasting river and be guided by the affectionate winds of intuition as they guide you gently.

Take your time to bloom into what you truly wish to manifest in this world, although there is a constraint and time waits for no one, don’t allow yourself to live in regret or loss of that which you have control over. Love true and live freely. Super grateful that you took the time to read this post! I would appreciate it beyond measure if you would follow my blog and share it on your media and with friends and family, it really keeps me motivated to do what I love.

I released a new song under my musical project “The Aquarian Initiative”, “Lovers and Errors”, the link is below if you would like to listen.

“Lovers and Errors” a single off my upcoming EP of the same title.

As always, sending you Light through Love,



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