Imagination is the key to unlocking what lays beyond the visible spectrum.

For within a state of open connection, we can truly harness the essence that encapsulates the moment of the experience before it flutters away to the astral winds.

We begin to experiment and dissect the current trends that rightfully dissipate the ability to enter trance and grasp the root of a theory that spans incalculable components.

For simplicity is the key to truly see what lays beyond the shattered curtains of our ever so fragile reality.

As we implement that which flows freely into the objective frequency that radiates hypnotically throughout the entirety of this energetic entity that unites us all infinitely.

Charging forth and with resolve, with haste and no room for flaws, we march into the hall that mimics those who enter until they realize that there will never be an opportunity to subjugate the free will of those of us who choose to further venture unto the unknown.

For here we see and this we can agree, that in darkness and isolation the world reveals itself ever so blissfully.

Enact an orchestrated play that is designed solely by those viewing it mentally, this perspective you see, will always vary to thee.

This is a joyous acknowledgement however and there is no need for resentment, for we should be infatuated by the difference, for this unique structure that we embody is inherently perfectly imperfect.

The stars shine through you and only you can reach forth and earn it, earn the love you cradled and molded into a dazzling piece of extravagant proportions, capable of evoking each and every single emotion, intensely or with little to no notion.

For this is the potion, the elixir that invigorates those that choose to live in the moment and have faith in the infinite Creator.

For this holographic matrix that we inhabit is a mere blanket, a minuscule piece to a invisible puzzle.

Use this moment here and now to connect to your higher self and see that the connection you experience with infinity, can never be replicated nor destabilized in our ever chaotic story.

Arm yourself with knowledge and be attentive, for we are in the midst of a climatic sentence.

My friends, I am incredibly grateful that you took the time to read my latest piece. It flowed freely from my heart and I pray that it reaches you and assists you in whatever way it was meant to, as our perspective is inherently different. Support me by following the blog, I really appreciate you guys more than you can imagine, please also share my work with your media and friends/family if you feel obliged to do so.

As always, sending you Light through Love,


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