This ensuing function that alleviates the inevitable.

For this equation is divisible, the end product is not invisible, there is no continuance in a single syllable.

Yet this soliloquy may ignite an ever contorting continuum, that maintains vigil among the obsidian, for here it is all forgotten.

At least on the crust, yet deep within the earth’s layer, the core erupts, as we distinguish ourselves as diamonds amidst the rust.

Extinguish an ever encapsulating flame?

No allow it to spread like wildfire, for the world is ever so planted yet filled with vacancy.

See within the ruins, among our past rubble, we determine that the sole answer ultimately was to let it be.

Not to be ridden with our forlorn dreams, those that haunt us as we sip an elixir that forgoes another sentence of hurtful speech.

Simplicity our motto, one we all abide and follow, if we wish to truly exit the maze that leaves us ever so hollow.

For this is no gallow, alas never were you granted a sentence, there is no reason to weep nor beg for repentance.

As the ultimate that dictates whether we fall or rise is a pinnacle laying upon a minuscule decibel, you can attain this visual or cling to the memories of an ever distant reality, that now represents a fallacy, however is to the viewer as real as the iris can see.

The futility in immediate irony is rather centralizing, every day and night in spite of your best intentions the draw to ignite the innermost desire continues to attract the frequency that eventually defects and in turn inspires a new chain of events.

No this, as always, is never the time to relent.

Push forward albeit, remember that which is carved upon thy story was engraved none other than the perfect soothsayer, you, only you. Yes, for only you can choose, what is the next move?

To ensue or renew?

Blessed and grateful, remember that which thrusts your forward. Support my journey as a writer by following the blog and sharing my work with your family and friends.

Sending you Light through Love,


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