Luft Aufsteigen

A wisp in the air signals the Ascension.

A pure intention to soar above the steppes, where we wander until we go within. For within the core there is a call that we can never truly ignore, one that begs you to explore your innermost lore.

For there are trillions in circulation, yet to implore without hesitation, your the only author who can invoke your unique story in evolving perpetuation.

For to revolve endlessly through the void in which we reside provides no closure nor does it allow you to visualize a greater grasp of the depth of your ever unfolding fate.

This date has penetrated through the vacant edges of space.

Here in the midst of nothingness, a new revelation equates as life denotes another tendril, yet what will it create?

What will unfold when the load of the ever cumbersome shadow trailing catches up to you as a reminder before bleakly fading.

This is the case, for if you would translate the riddle within this static then you would calculate the truth as a demonstration to those who cannot forgive, heal or abide by the truth which is inherently etched in infinite faith.

To see through this veil of control and suspension, where darkness engulfs our collective matrix, contracting and expanding.

Cancerous and noxious, this force evades all forms of punishment, deceiving those whom it seeks to conquer and seeing no end to misery, as it’s initiative of fear is a direct derivative.

To inhibit our eternal spirit and seep it as a source of power through the act of parasitism, leeching the essence of those whom are not conscious of their surroundings nor actions.

Through symbiosis, you and eye, are capable of fluttering weightlessly through the vast swathes of time.

We enable one another to evolve in loving patterns, through the good and the bad, their is always an answer.

Remember the secrets that you embedded within your heart before you closed your eyes and drifted off to yet another visual dream.

Where you enter this reality unto an experience that is constantly rewritten and interwoven as you shift lucidly through this fantasy.

Our paradise or our fall, together we can truly make an honest call, if we take responsibility for our negligence and negativity then we can heal our planet, our hearts, and our spirits, ever so truly.

Purging through each and ever session, lesson after lesson being encoded and encrypted so that it differs greatly to those of us that truly pay attention.

For this affection that flows freely from me to thee must be retained if you are to potentially remember the message embedded within your DNA solely.

Release the trauma, for it is not definitive. Release those that plague and hurt you, for ultimately they will never be of any benefit.

Release the thoughts you hold of your own image, for you have no reason to be so inquisitive.

You are a piece of art that can truly never be replicated.

Beautiful world, if you care to open your eyes to that which beauty truly is to you. This piece is a gift to allow yourself to open and release, for you know there is no reason to cling to that which doesn’t serve your open heart and spirit. If you wish to support my work, follow the blog and share it with your family and friends, means a lot to me, very grateful for the community building around my work.

Sending you Light through Love,


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