Altered Potential

The art of alteration.

Alienated in a mechanized civilization, one that prides itself on the ever limiting image portrayed in order to establish a social image, even if it is treacherous to your internal refuge.

For you can’t feel safe when you are constantly out of place and attempting to keep pace within a system that defies your gravitational pull.

For you are limitless, an incarnation of pure potential.

Riddled amidst an anguishing tale that tests mental against physical, even if the simple realization that the core trauma initializes in the realm of the spiritual.

Only once you release this piece can you truly be at peace, supposedly time will tell.

Walking steadily along a straight wire, the end is nowhere in sight.

Ever hasty yet patient enough that each movement is fluid and in flight, to the point where unconscious understanding simply takes place and allows you to feel an overwhelming force of grace that penetrates even the thickest of membranes.

For the clarity in the supposed insanity that clings effortlessly in motion through the energetic spheres exchanging ever shifting notions.

A decisive conclusion to a beginning that has not begun, for there is no rush in understand the endless depth in which we all drink from.

This everlasting disintegration of that which you believed to be true, for it is always rendered anew if you open your heart and sing alongside your spirit, here we acknowledge a simplicity engraved within infinity.

An intrinsic remedy that cures the ailments of us who can’t seem to operate on a symbiotic frequency.

For there is no honor in the stoicism of those that can’t break through a wreckage, for that is their perspective, stagnant and neglected, not open to the receptions that we transmit frequently and without hesitation.

This alienation that sheds light on the fading calibrations that normalize our own transmission.

Here, breathe and fill yourself with the purest of intentions.

Light yourself ever higher into a love that breaks down the barriers of your forgotten faculties, here you see, is the answer to your own equation.

For the destination is within, without such you will suffer.

Growth will never prosper, if you do not foster your innermost desire, the truth that sets our spiritual pyre.

Grateful, as always, that I have the opportunity to write. I hope you enjoyed reading this piece friends, please do follow and share my work among your media and friends/family if you wish to support me as a writer.

Sending you Light through Love,


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