Gleitende Unendlichkeit

The ashes of a once great kingdom that is now seldom remembered still blow aimlessly along the endless plains of eternity.

This field of serenity overtakes and encapsulates, catapulting you to towards a wayward state that allows your to demonstrate the knowledge and means that through the measurement of time we all seemingly accumulate.

We all depict a different art within our heart, we all pledge unto a different start that cascades up and downwards into realms that may or may not tear your very essence apart.

For here there is seamless communication between oneself and a higher form of union, although you are partaking within the infinite communion that protrudes outwards, dissipating the vacant illusion that plagues us until we open our eyes and consciously put an end to the confusion.

For you are the solution, abiding by a notion that partakes in the intrusion of your own field, the small source, in which you bleed and exceed the overwhelming impediment that if you abide by truth, will begin to immediately recede.

For there are no obstructions for those of us that live without instructions, we are fluidly in motion depicting ever varying functions that are implemented and manifested in order for symbiotic progress to expand, no longer are we quiet and redundant.

For the thunder clouds have rolled on through and I am filled to the brim with the energy of this ever vibrant lightning.

Floating through a prism amidst time space in which there is nothing out of place and each object, faculty, intention and decision through the horizon is acknowledged and in turn, embraced.

Here is a test that may spark your interest, for separate and unanimous we are mysteriously spinning through the ever shifting universal seed, that which connects us inherently.

For our vessel is no more than the evolution of our flesh ancestrally, we progress to the situation that impresses itself upon us at any given moment, simply remain still and breathe.

Pierce through a veil that is blinding us all to no avail, as realization may spark unnatural infatuation with understanding the conscious creation that we form and dissect and disseminate through investigation.

For we must be open to infinite possibilities that vividly depict the outcome as it is not concrete, an invisible anomaly that beseeches us to the point of breaking through to the next extension or allowing the previous cycle to repeat.

For there is no sudden combustion unless you understand this commotion that is expanding only to contract and flow suddenly into the next track.

On this plane of boundless oceans, glide across the misguidance and grievances that threatened the security of your own mentality, for your essence is your sole responsibility, never neglect your heart or you will experience the innermost fallacy, that viciously rips us apart only to reconstruct an absolute key, that will allow you to unlock your innermost longing as it is encrypted within your dreams.

Look inwards and accept the truth you hold tightly, release and set yourself on course to lock in with your own destiny, we all have a path and resistance will only bring you lower and further away from your own truth. Thanks for reading this piece, thanks for checking out my work, really appreciate you all more than you can imagine. Please follow the blog folks and spread word of my work, means the world to me!

Sending you Light through Love,


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