Aquis Et Auferam

Embody the epitome of solidarity with the unity inherent within your completed essence.

Within silence there can be an abundance of realizations that arise from a state of understanding the rhythm present in each and every tendril spreading forth, to engage or lessen the tension which can emotionally stimulate us to the point of no return.

For there is a transgression committed when we skip the beat of our heart and find ourselves wayward with no compass, ever so disgruntled within an unfortunate situation in which we abide by the notion that eventually we will have peace and an abundance of menial possessions.

This wanting and wondering and never ceasing to be appeased arises due to the fact that we were never capable of letting go and allowing the pain to release.

For we hold a sickness deep within, then shall only heal when you acknowledge where it began.

For there is a root, a rhyme and certainly a reason, there is nothing random in a limitless infinite simulation emitted by that which is eternal and never begins nor ends.

For the cycle is but a trial in which we are encapsulated in a state of denial and our inability to reconnect ourselves with a truth that is ever so simple yet lost to history as we skip stones across the Nile.

As it is different to me, a different perspective shall eventually bear fruit for you and allow you to tap into the forgotten potential that is ingrained in your spirit, the code of freedom that applies when you see it in your dreams and manifest it through will unto, our reality that is a mere arena.

The battles we engage in ever such distinct styles, to proves to ourselves and our reflections, that there is a purpose and a lesson in every single second.

Yet it requires attention and certainly retention, if you wish to break through a cascading visage that warps your seemingly timeless and alluding purpose that shall be attained only when you are prepared to pay the ultimate price, called on thrice, by day and night.

For there is darkness within the light as the light shines through the darkness, to choose your own nature, that is the mysterious force of free will calculating future deterrents from straying you off course.

For to at last be out of agony and thrust into serenity is what calls to you and me, there is no peace in a separate rejection that denies all forms of affection and cuts the cord of a once power unified nation until it is singular and unaware of it’s previous status.

No regrets, this is what has been sent, a code that we will never pretend, has caused the unfortunate misfortune to be bestowed upon our moonlight, albeit, that was the end.

As the wind blows and cools my ever so vibrant and flaming spirit until it drifts into the sea, I become rooted in the concept that what is has been intended and shall be for a better end, there is no reason to bend.

Never stray from that which is pulling your heart, only you can see through that which is waiting within. Blessed and grateful, thank you so much for reading, as always, support me by following the blog and sharing it among your media and friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


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