Heilig Vergiften

Solace at last, at least within the grasp of an ever dwindling hourglass in which we extrapolate the data of the past in order to put it to use.

For this moment in time is functional with no reason nor rhyme, it has no prerogative to define, that which is abstract and chaotic, yet orderly within the infinite of our sublime.

This age, our page, don’t be frustrated that you are surpassing the limitations imposed upon you by the vacant concept of fate. For you will into actualization what your thoughts inherently demonstrate.

There is a noise within each and every single cell.

One that screams in defiance, to wreak havoc among the barbaric parallels that separate the true reality from the fallacy that lays beyond a thin veil.

For this magic is not ancient nor is it a simple myth, you are energetically bound to every sentence that leaves your lips.

Karma binds us sympathetically to the Universal collective, in which understanding our fragmentation is the sole objective, if you cannot fathom beyond the singularity then there is no need to retain this subjection.

For a verse is a curse if you see through the words and acknowledge the heresy in your veins, what we are born into in vain, is a subjugated spectrum of endless majesty, torn through bloodshed, hate, envy and greed.

These are the seeds of negativity that remorselessly plague us as we traverse the endless sea of Humanity.

Pierce through yourself to see a light, then ignite your essence and feel the divine inspiration that shall disperse our cowardice and reembark a grand journey towards more than freedom, more than loss, more than happiness and sadness, a true just cause.

As this story is but a perspective to me, as it is but a fragment of truth to you, what matters more in the end, is that I respect what springs forth from all, from me to you.

Incredibly grateful, thank you for reading. This is my life really, I have some big news coming. I’ll be blunt. I’m putting together my first book. It’s a collection of my stories, pieces of poetry and philosophies that I’ve been working on. I’ll keep you all updated. Follow the blog if you haven’t already and as you all know, word of mouth is what keeps me going, so share my work on your media and with friends and family please!

Sending you Light through Love,



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