The Spinning Quarrel

Conflict. A plague that has riddled Humanity, and without a doubt, greatly shaped it, through the past, into the present and likely into the future. It was the first Humanoids that group together distinctly, interconnected through tribe, whom upon encountering a group of similar strength, tested their will and either emerged victorious, and learned from the experience, or lay among the dirt, still and lifeless.

The first cultures of the ancient world constantly quarreled with their neighbors and it is clear that conflict among different aspects of ourselves, as we are a whole through our collective Humanity, is what shapes us further into who we truly are.

We fear what we do not understand, the choice then is to either enter the base primal state of our lower faculties and, “fight or take flight”, quite literally, to engage or flee from the mystery before us. The other choice of course, the true way, is to connect (if it is a possibility, of course), understand, learn from and form a symbiotic relationship in which the two parties are exchanging their experience, how vastly different it may be, emerging from different cultures, and in turn allowing it to further evolve the two as whole.

To this day, we are at war with ourselves, in fact, in the last century we have been trying our very best to destroy ourselves because we can’t seem to come to a collective agreement on how we should behave moving forward as a responsible species.

We certainly are not responsible, in fact, most of our species behaves as though they were children, unable to think nor take initiative on their own terms, so they must rely on obedience in order to fulfill their own basic needs.

When we do not think for ourselves and put our trust in the hands of government that spouts false promises and ultimately is dictated by the flow of power (think money, always follow the money, typically leads to one place and one place only, and let me tell you, it is a private and incredibly old and powerful group), we allow ourselves to be lead blindly into battling against ourselves.

Look to the current state of the world.

There are armed conflicts quite literally on absolutely every continent on the planet, and if you think otherwise, then you are simply allowing yourself to be numb by fear to the truth.

The middle east has been engulfed in conflict for over half a century, before that the world was engulfed in war for half a century, and that conflict never ended, as it is clear to see the superpowers of the world constantly shoving and pushing one another over what the next edge over one another could be, the U.S.A is militarily involved in over 140 countries, maybe not actively with a huge invasion force, but certainly with special forces and drone strikes.

The U.S.A alone has over 800 military bases around the world, with China beginning to greatly expand it’s presence immensely throughout the East, largely in Africa and the Middle East.

Right now, a huge point for us all to take into account is that the U.S.A has a buildup of it’s naval fleet very close to Iran, Iran has in turn began to surge it’s own forces near the American military buildup in anticipation of a possible invasion. We have to acknowledge that Iran and Russia greatly defeated ISIS (which was created and armed by the CIA initially, by the way!) and American backed rebels (hundreds of different groups and tribes) when they were engulfing the middle east over the past decade or so (Iraq and Syria were the main points of intervention).

There is also the memory of Libya, what it once truly was; a very beautiful, wealthy and hospitable country whose people were proud and doing very well for themselves under the leadership of Qaddafi, who wished to introduce the golden dinar as a international currency in opposition to the American Dollar, issued by the Federal Reserve, a PRIVATE entity, whose Dollar is backed by, absolutely nothing! Yeah you heard that right, our money comes from thin air! The dinar would have been backed by gold and other precious minerals, giving it true value, and guess who has a lot of gold and other precious minerals?

BINGO, Africa and the East.

So, put some of the pieces together and you will begin to see the larger puzzle overall.

The simple matter of the fact is that the imperialism that is inherent to power, is completely out of control and beyond parasitic at this point in our history, which could very well be the most pivotal moment in history!


We have evolved at such a rapid pace and have the intelligence and skills to completely reverse the damage that we’ve done to our planet (which is incredibly substantial beyond measure brothers and sisters and if we don’t take initiative now and truly take matters into our hands collectively then our children and their children will have a very difficult road ahead of them) as well as to one another, heal the war torn and corrupted countries, reverse the darkness inherent in our very essence and turn it to light.

We must understand that the simple matter of the fact is that we are all in this together, no matter your culture, beliefs or background, this is our planet.

We need to simply see each other for what we are, but mere reflections in a vast ocean going through the same experience from a different perspective throughout the infinite and universal mystery that we all call, Life.

There is no point in control, as power always shifts, if it isn’t clear to see right now in this day and age, the power has been in the west for a very long time and it is, without a doubt, shifting back eastward.

No matter what however, we must always remember that their is no strength in control and hindering one another. If you make yourself whole by taking pieces away from another, then you are only adding to your own emptiness and ultimately, your own misery.

There is no need for us to quarrel, those that wish to are typically filled with so much hate and misunderstanding of themselves that they simply wish to project their anger and hatred on a massive scale, thus warfare and bloodshed engulfs the world, because some sad and angry, tortured old soul (and typically immensely wealthy and powerful) can’t stand to see beauty and happiness in a world of love of infinite possibilities.

So open your heart. Clearly see through your eyes. Acknowledge the difference and imagine what can arise when you allow yourself to flourish through all avenues that approach, never deny and repute that which you cannot grasp, as inherently it may simply be what you’ve been searching for and simply lack.

Beautiful world we have, spread your beauty and truth through it. Really enjoyed writing this piece, we have to be in control of ourselves foremost and in turn educate and communicate with one another and how we can truly have the most positive future collectively. Thanks for reading folks, follow my blog if you haven’t already and please do share it with your friends and family as well as on your social media, word of mouth is what keeps me going, means the world to me!

Sending you Light through Love,


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