Candlelit Pondering

A picturesque skyline graces the horizon before us.

This journey has been treacherous, rewarding and ever confounding.

For each day is a mystery if you open yourself to the forces at play, that entangle among us all and whisper various soliloquies.

Upwards or downwards, we tip our scales of balance with each action manifested propelling us towards a new view.

For from this perspective, we are loose from the boundaries that restricted our objective reality.

Eye see differently through this vast and endless kaleidoscope, shifting the parallels that once bound our love from above.

The sweet nectar that awoke me personally from a slumber that attacked my higher faculties, for what are we without understanding and unity?

Monsters that stalk the purpose of our very own Humanity.

Searching and searching through each and every single corridor that may in fact harbor a reason to implore upon our very core.

Yet the remedy is pure and simple, to arise through tranquility and remain still and understand the deeper lesson that you are experiencing as you are forged anew through tribulation, a diamond smelted through an unrelenting anvil.

Uniquely nested deep within your heart, is a syllable that rings true and typically that is where we start, to justify our purpose and redesign the situated lines, as we are meant to roam freely throughout this Earth, yet we allow ourselves to be strangulated and confined.

As how can you be whole, when within each and every day you feel a deepening hole, that is sucking your love and positive emotions, and distorting your ability to see the present situation, for that which it is, a present and an opportunity to further define why it is you lead the life that you live.

For we have a chance to rewrite a grand epic in which we are living through each and every sentence.

As this chance is ours, for it is our chapter, to prosper, heal and fuel the ending to a seemingly chaotic disaster.

For from this essence arises order, and soon we shall take hands and smile without words, understanding what the previous millennium was all for.

To simply understand ourselves through one another, as each and every one of us was meant to release and explore.

Keep exploring yourself and pushing your boundaries. Don’t settle for anything less than what you truly deserve, and always trust your heart (intuition) in that regard. Have a lovely weekend and thank you for reading, support me as always by following the blog if you are not already and sharing my work on your media and with friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


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