Each and every connecting neuron reflects the overall vibration emitting clearly through us.

A single touch, a mere glance, this is all that is necessary to set the mood and expand upon the situated circumstance.

A mere fiddle to add to the repertoire, for this regurgitated sequence can only take us so far, before we cleanse, rewind and at last disembark.

Still deeply seeded and seated within my iris, Eye don’t know how to expound what I’m feeling.

The emotional purge that is slithering within my veins.

I can’t abstain from this love, allow me to dissect by definition this shattering detention.

For it is stasis, cold and lonely, ever so phony, without the embrace of yours truly.

As the honey flowing in unison is more beautiful than an eclipsing dusk and horizon.

There is no zen in this state of fallacy, and I earnestly hope that you will heal deeply, as that is all that is necessary.

Selfish in my own way, for if you prosper and I decay, or the opposite crosses fate, shouldn’t we uplift one another in those painful days?

Errors that are seen and either corrected or neglected to a certain effect.

Watching from a satellite.

What is even happening.

Numbness in these numbers that are transmitting a message, one that transcribes stillness.

For there are no possessions nor is there a center of control outside of your will.

Do not falter within your objective, for our spirit guides this vessel stridently if you push past this threshold.

There are no sacrifices required, as only you can be inspired, to mend these wounds that are now sealed from the fire.

Meditate as the clouds of aimlessness become a remedy to your restlessness.

For you are not faceless, beauty of a magnitude beyond the infinite, never transparent, watching the fluid effervescent.

Love, that is what is channeled. To flow into you from me, so that we can collectively envelop our own unique perspective.

Sending you Light through Love,


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