Blume Augen

There is a natural order that is fluid in this very moment, whether we realize it or not.

All the pieces of the puzzle are dropping at random into our grasp, through free will alone are we capable of adjusting and aligning them, in order to complete our creation, that which is present in our own manifestation, for only we can actualize the potential and fulfill our unconscious arrangement.

For we are not wandering across an aimless rope in the midst of infinity.

The order in this chaos shall be invoked as soon it is meant to be.

For the pain and numbness are one and the same, except one is acknowledged and released while the other is harnessed internally, truly in vain.

For the effort put forth into our garden of life is what we shall reap when the time is right.

Clarity engaged and purpose in singular purpose, striding to claim a precious treasure, if only it is but a single ember, to ignite your life and set forth to burn a trail through this moment and forever after.

To remain confident in our own form of abstinence.

For through this isolation and desecration, we reemerge scarred and smitten, yet stronger than ever before, ready to take this life of ours at last into our own possession.

For that is the intention, is it not?

To become your own master and choose your own path, until the day you split physically, spiritually returning to infinity, as our memories, though remembered by those we love, begin to fade into eternity.

As this is our just cause, to remember our purpose and see it through as though it is the only law.

As above, as below, as this is true.

You must purge the vanity and pierce through a veil if you truly wish to interact with what hope means to you.

Delirious and ever mysterious, the directive is rather devious, but sensible enough if you are naturally mischievous.

For there will never be sense in that which is, only after we learn can we remember our mistakes and thus evolve to a new perspective.

Never allow those you love to feel neglected, for one day they too shall split away, memories that are still loved but always fading.

There is no sense in debating, what is wrong nor what is right, unless it is in the sense that a party involved is suffering from an egotistical plight.

When it comes to you or me however, close your eyes and sit tight.

Meditate upon the light and release the endless questions as they will only bring us further from one another, be close when the time is right.

Understand that only we can be free personally before we interweave in one another’s affairs.

To be true and see through, I am bare and without a care.

For I alone am judged by Creator, morals and actions are through free will enacted and shall be scaled furthermore.

Yet if I know what is true, then it is to live in serenity within myself and alongside you, for two halves make the whole, and there can be no completion without a twin soul, only if you are prepared to move beyond, furthermore.

The wind blows lightly through me, as though fluidly passing this serene message along from me to you. See the beauty in every situation my friends, thank you for reading as always, I am grateful. Follow the blog and share my work with your media and family/friends if you wish to support my journey as a writer. Currently working on my first book. It’s a large collection of my works, think stories, poetry and personal philosophies. I’ll keep you all updated.

Sending you Light through Love,


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