Heller Morgen


The action of knowing that the reality before thee is in fact set in stone, certainly.

From a perspective, this is your world.

Understood with ease as it is the daily routine that fluidly encapsulates our identity.

What happens then, when your world is suddenly dismantled, turned upside down, a better way to put it, is that the world you once knew dissipates completely.

Leaving you stranded in the abyss, searching for clues and answers, wondering aloud the “what if’s”.

Understand however, that this has never been about me or you, him or her, they or them.

For the fragmented perspective keeps us ever so subjected to an ideology that is programmed into us from our youth and inherently keeps us in detention, unless we are willing to break free from the matrix and take life into our own possession.

For the concept of duality is the epitome of allowing yourself to evolve further beyond the barricade of fear that separates us from a truth that is beyond each and every identity.

For this selfish negligence that is persistent throughout our demographic population is what divides us from the simple concept that we all hail from the infinite beauty of creation, from which we came, we shall return, and then we acknowledge that separation is a mere egotistical function.

We are reluctant to surrender to order from our chaos, for once we give in then we are fueled by an essence that is within the full spectrum of life, a divine clause.

That states we must experience both the darkness and the light, if we are to emerge as a whole and complete theory.

For we must analyze and understand the entire range of energetic frequencies, that are beyond comprehension for how can we understand the whole if we are are isolated into a specific mentality that freezes any incoming thoughts or actions that don’t align with how you have suspended your own intentions.

For we cannot be free if it is about you or me.

We can’t move forward if we are thinking of a linear spiraling story.

The simple matter of the fact is that you can open a new page at any day.

For this is but a chapter grandly written by spirit into your own unique story.

So free your boundaries at last and allow the destitute and unrelenting pain to wither and wash over you, for you realize at this moment in time that this experience, as all before, and all that shall come, were meant to serve and further mold you, not harm and demoralize you.

For we are an evolutionary creation spinning freely through time and space, choose how you shall forward your life with love and grace.

As this phase must encapsulate all that which is, a freeing moment in which you reconcile with far more than yourself, for that one cell is a mere abstract narrative, among infinite and profound duality.

Choose wisely where you allow yourself to wander.

As we can ponder night and day as to the past, present and future imperatives, what shall be.

Yet if we do not vanquish our self, the dragon, then how will we be able to impact this timeline positively?

Gratitude and patience. Two traits i’m working on today personally. What are you working on today? As always, thank you for reading my friends. This is what I love to do more than anything. Support me by following the blog and sharing my work, word of mouth and sharing is really what keeps me going.

Sending you Light through Love,


Check out my original music below, another of my greatest passions in life.


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