Dämmerung Finsternis

Introspection, a chance to delve within the deepest of our central elements connecting our morals and prerogatives, memories and secrets.

In the grand chamber sits a diamond encrusted switch, guarded by anguish, deceit and riddles.

Searching for the high ground always, yet why perch lower than even the middle?

For within our humility and abstract vacancy, a hidden hunger is released that pushes us further than which we even believed that we could traverse.

For an endless journey is both a blessing and a curse, for there is no beginning or end, simply a reset in which we analyze the experience and return if we feel as though our dues have no been paid yet.

Yet what debt is owed?

To yourself, family or foe?

For as we sow the countless seeds of karmic inquiries, we decipher the hidden anomalies that intertwine throughout the Human Condition inherently.

For there is little difference from the sinner and the saint, unless you look at it from an extreme perspective that you attained as of late.

For a forked road leads the twin souls lost and aimless until they unite on the other side of beauty and anguish.

Duality, what we embrace, to have the patience to accept the pain and destruction ripping through our collective essence is occurring for no reason other than we have not evolved beyond a childlike state.

As there is no moving forward among the ashes and flames, the rewards we ultimately reap through our unconscious ways.

Yet there is hope, as is the law and essence, now that we have been dragged through endless lessons and progressions, is it not best to simply move past our basic distinguishing traits, that cause us to draw thunder and blade, in the name of an essence that could not be known as it is infinite, within this grand story we simultaneously portray.

The greatest mystery and the endless riddle.

A song that we sing to alongside one another as the joker slyly picks his fiddle.

A night and a day to decide the next step, to reluctantly play the role of the disillusioned pawn or to truly manifest what you represent, as a unique conscious entity, molded to a singular genetic frequency, gifted and attuned to a purpose that you alone can see.

Maybe in an alternate reality, you would attain a purpose more suited to your egotistical fallacy, however until you surrender and put your mind at ease, your spirit can never soar freely and actualize the potential of your higher connection to divinity.

Grateful, thank you for reading. Support my work by following the blog and sharing among your media and with family and friends, it means the world to me.

Sending you Light through Love,


Beautiful music for introspection, relaxing and healing.

Please check out my other passion as a musician via the link below.


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