Ivory Salt

Nocturnal howls echo throughout the empty chambers of the sunlit masquerade.

A sole guest entering the distant yet near stratosphere that accommodates and relays whatever is present within one’s internal state.

Accelerating and reacting to the vivid alienation of oneself.

Is there anything to gain, day in and night out, pondering the exact location of your fatal flaw’s whereabouts?

As our greatest strengths can ultimately become our own Achilles tendon, if we neglect the outer world and delve deeper and deeper until no longer do you feel a pulsing connection.

A feeling that is certainly not misleading and all the more appealing, for this emotional signal is what attracts and repels energetic frequencies that in completion make up the design of our own temple.

As we searched without we found within and so forth as we found within we were left without, as that is the concept of our universal duality, to gain and sacrifice further to recover a deeper part of our self.

Distinguished by the way this story unrolls and portrays the wide spectrum that ever expands me, some days beautifully and others rather painfully.

For this is a surgical procedure that we all must go under, to remove layer by layer what exactly it is that we believe that we know.

For that which you resist is ultimately what you seek, the reason we weep is because we know once that captured moment has faded it is but a memory, one that we cannot repeat.

So it comes and flows and goes and then we know, then the script is written on the fly as we pursue the next igniting glow.

For when we burn with this passion and this ever expanding intention that is love, then it stops.

It freezes.

We breathe and see, that this is just a flake of singular perception leaking through a digital screen, challenging and embroidering vivid shapes through these words that bleed.

Beautiful Sunshine, inspiration is what it is. Enjoy your weekend my friends, and thank you for taking the time to read. Support the blog by following it and sharing my work, it is appreciated by me more than you can imagine.

Sending you Light through Love,


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