Endlos Rätsel

Transcribing my current state into the next, so that I may at last put these aging shadows to everlasting rest.

The destination within is the arrival point in which we all wander towards, attaining self realization in which limitations fall empty to a world of untapped potential.

A vacancy that is rather transparent, for in order to traverse through the void it seems we must first become it.

To learn to be whole solely as a singular soul, immersed through the collective yet chosen to heed a unique call.

Blasted by an unbearable array of energy that is relaying the very fabric of each and every one of us, hold steadfast and know that it shall pass, for it is a test that we must remain accustomed to, a shroud of our past.

To feel one another’s suffering, hunger and dire conditions, a disposition that inhibits the greatest of visions, as well as the love and hope, the beauty in the struggle, the smile that is tired yet understanding, steady and prepared to take it to the next level.

Through the trials of both Light and Darkness, we yearn a journey that will reflect our innermost resolve.

For the messages in our dreams that are deemed absent provide answers in the form of a paradox that reveals the epitome of the serene, an infinite realm that dwells beyond that which depicts absentmindedly the separated photons that allow our irises to perceive.

Invisible yet all the more clear through unity and understanding the inclination that dictates cellular separation is a natural and rational form of evolution, to put it thoroughly.

For what is understood from this point of view differs greatly to those that inhabit the opposite ends of the sea, yet there are certainly some truths and gestures that are understood universally.

Radiant and honest laughter or the warm love clearly emitted from the tone of soft speech, talents in the endless arts or a vital skill that is interwoven throughout all of Humanity.

These traits bring us closer when shared in symbolic harmony that elevates us further towards understanding a greater mystery.

One that has everything to do with you as it has everything to do with me.

For we are but a small unit underlying a greater chemical remedy , once unified through a theory then a solution can be introduced eternally.

For we suffer from an ailment that began long ago in our past.

If we do not heal the root of the corrupting issue then it shall continue to be a parasitic ghost in the present and long into the future.

Alteration is a gift embedded within our creation and we can consciously awaken to the tribulations that are rather constricting a large portion of the international population.

With fascination we glare endlessly into the snow globe that we call home, endless vibrations and colors spring forth, representing the experiences and emotions that we hope to invoke.

As always however, the hourglass is present, another grain of sand scatters vacantly to the wind as you wonder aloud where, when and how exactly do I begin?

The perfect opportunity is now, if there is nothing to lose, ignite your inferno and freely set sail. This Journey through life is a repertoire of decisive chords along a limited scale.

Enjoy your day and put it aside for a moment and recollect yourself. We all need a moment of peace, quiet and re calibration, never be afraid to give that to yourself. If you enjoy my work friends, then please do follow the blog and share my work with your friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


Check out my music if you’d like to see another of my creative outlets, link is below!


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