Rhythmic Love

The same day in a different dimension.

A reconstruction of the serene moment frozen in time, within our minds.

As the sun shines brightly, we are reminded of a similar setting that denoted our innermost hunger, a passionate romance that ignites us to a degree that is somewhat unsettling.

Engulfed in an inferno and there is no turning back this time, for when you look deep into the eyes of a lover it could very well be considered a trap, for the rest of reality blissfully fades into black.

There is not a more perfect ensnarement through the divides of eternity than to smoothly fall into unity alongside your mate and traverse the endless infinity.

To wander wild and uncertain, awestruck and filled with ecstasy on a journey through paradise where the only nourishment is one another and that shall suffice, for that is all that is right within this twilight lit night.

For together there is no need to question nor is it necessary to answer, as it is complete and there is no need to bolster so we remain discrete.

Flow through the waters of life and if there comes a time in which our chain breaks, then let us celebrate our opportunity to love one another and realize that the uncertainty inherent within our own progression was a taint that in turn inhibited the evolution of an interwoven union.

As with all situations if we read in between the lines and pay attention to a higher lesson, then the acknowledgement of our own pain, our egotistical decisions, is what invokes and revokes the license to tangle yourself through love and hope.

So in the end what is truly lost when we are no longer capable of transferring our emotional confessions into the iris of those whom we swim in for the purpose of better knowing ourselves.

For it is a challenge certainly, yet more rewarding than all the physical treasure in the multiverse if nurtured and well rehearsed.

As the difficulty presenting itself through the luminescence that springs forth piercingly injecting us with the realization that this present moment is all that ever will be and all that ever was and we have a prime initiative to will each possibility into a blessing or a curse.

as it is within our grasp, to chastise or surpass our own fear, that which surpresses our deep laughter and honest smile.

Now, floating and contemplating the ever dividing thoughts and memories, the mental seeds that have been long ago planted yet never cease to sprout.

Causing seedlings of fervor and wonder to take hold and push us further beyond imagination when it appears that we are suffering from a creative drought.

Praying that you all had yourselves a lovely weekend, grateful that you took the time to read my work as always folks. As you may know, you guys support me, so please follow the blog and share it with you family and friends.

Sending you Light through Love,


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