Fading Blossoms

Life comes into play ever so suddenly and without hesitation nor remorse.

To remain stagnant, to freeze when the untimely call to arms beckons you forward, will lead only to regression rather than progression throughout our open procession.

As we are divided anew and through conquest of the pinnacle of the Human experience, a truth that rings endlessly throughout our entirety leads us to the realization that mastery can only be gained over not me, but you.

Not me over you, not you over me, not they over them nor he over she or the opposite, for we are intrinsically designed different, yet understanding the unknown is vital to our dearest commitment, to see ourselves in all around, the singular universal note.

As a linear lullaby sets in, striking eerily similar chords to those remembered before, disturbing your peaceful mediation and as you awaken allow a new objective to be invoked.

To set sail and derail the precepts and artificial construct that is embedded within each and everyone of us, a numbing vibration that freedom alone can pierce. Along the cement path, bright luminous arrows steer the way.

So much chatter and distraction, there is no way a natural connection could manifest within this steel bird cage.

It is clear then, we must break away, individually at first but the end goal is unity.

For that is the concept of Duality, two opposite halves recognizing one another in themselves, resulting in perfect harmony.

The definition of symbiosis that only true love and understanding can relay.

Passionately and with vigor, I reconfigure so that I may at last deliver, the sequence of emotional intent that was lost deep within my chaotic matrix.

Now that the answer is found, three more materialize.

The whole purpose of this vacant philosophy is to express a personal story that flowers consistently, within each and every atom of me.

Forlorn and torn, these are the traits of a young blood who has been humbled by his own ignorance and is no longer fueled by the poison of scorn.

Yes, reborn, but only partly.

As these past lives of mine still set fire to the nethers and heavens as my dreams and nightmares decisively assail me.

For the path of healing is one of reliving, understanding and ultimately, forgiving.

Once released, a work in progress, a sculpture partly finished, a song forgotten, a lover anointed, we can really start living.

For purgatory, that dark and lonely place, is not fit for a man or woman.

This is but a phase, a single feature in the future projection. , of us all, vividly encapsulating our true calling.

For while we cling, we while we linger, life carries on, we alone decide when at last it is time to lift that rusty finger. In a labor of love, we penetrate through the veil of illusionary negativity.

The state of being that presents each and every human the state of being that prevents us from living our highest calling.

For we rise through the darkest of nights and emerge scarred yet unscathed.

Towards the journey, guide your story, hold the light of your life closely and initiate your revolutionary vision, this is the decision, what is your disposition.

Blessed and grateful folks. I’m working on my first book. I’ll keep you guys in the loop but it is really coming together and I decided that I will be self publishing this piece. Support my work if you love me by following the blog and sharing my work with your family and friends.

Sending you Light through Love,



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