Chaos Creates

The state of Neurosis is one that the creator knows all to well.

Delving within the shifting the shifting paradigms of an infinite paradox.

The action of transcribing these vivid emotions takes us on a grand journey, in which there is a very fine line between heaven and hell.

As there are limitless angles in which to view our subjective reality, to sort through them all and manifest the inherent truth present, if only momentarily.

For it is no small feat, to create a work of art that makes you both shiver and weep, before rising taller than ever before at at last allowing the wave of imagination within to crash and release.

As it starts in our dreams, the state where nothing is as it seems and every setting speaks of a past, present or future soliloquy, which may have little significance to a viewer if they are unable to see.

Once we awaken and are steadfast, we must not be mistaken, for time is limited in this realm and action must be taken.

If we wish to encapsulate the universal mystery and share it collectively so that it may be tweaked and perfected among the entirety of this vast force we hold collectively.

Do not dwell and be trapped within your own mental cell, unable to decipher and analyze the constant array of information processed effectively through the Eye, as the state a stasis will take hold and uncertainty shall deeply root in, once more a neurotic force has taken hold and shall only end once your true creation begins.

When we surrender to the process of allowing ourselves to actualize our divine potential, all the locked doors crumble and life no longer revolves around a numbing standstill.

For there is no remedy found at the bottom of an empty bottle, nor a blue, red or yellow pill that will shake the inner feeling of hollow.

The only way in which the artist in all it’s forms can truly be at peace is through the constant flow of interconnection, creation manifest through the source of creativity.

As through harmonious actualization we revitalize and resurrect through each and every project, reinvigorated and ignited to take the next step with no regrets.

It is when we forget to process, accept and release that we neglect our innermost presence of fluidity, descending to passivity and little to no personal reactivity, we become lost in our dreams and as life moves on, ever reality is never as it seems.

For we create in order to instigate our wandering purpose through this Universal landscape, to portray the energy in motion presently so that it may be pondered upon and expanded by those that describe a similar notion.

As insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome, allow each day to be a blank canvas in which you can create that which is present upon your personal spectrum.

This is the the driving force behind my work. I am inspired by the opportunity of each moment to create that which is present from my own perspective as if it not made manifest at this moment, forever cemented, then it could very well be forgotten to the sands of time. I hope you are having a lovely day, wherever you may be. Follow the blog and share my work among your media and friends if you wish to support me on my journey, I really appreciate it.

As always, sending you Light through Love,


I am in the works of producing my third EP under my musical project, The Aquarian Initiative. Lovers and Errors will be avalible on all musical platforms by the end of June. In the meantime, please feel free to check out my previous works, the link is below.

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