Distorted Avenues

Perpetual programs that consistently expand and dwindle as drops in the river of life are dried by the absent winds of time.

An encryption within the infinite memoir of the sublime.

Through free will alone, our intent, as conscious as it may be, is divulged and eventually made manifest through an unseen technique.

For we are proficient in our vindication, the fission empowering our eternal vision.

This is no mere superstition, although the evolution of the human spirit, defined as the heroic journey, happens to be a nefarious and splintering experience that determines if we are willing to sacrifice all we believe to be, in order to attain the ultimate discrepancy.

That which distinguishes our truth from mere fallacies.

A sudden release from the prison affixed within the prism of our mental fixation.

For once we are delivered from an encompassing chaotic direction, a new road appears that fragments the past into negation.

Centered and whole, a pure presence takes hold, graceful and nourishing for a single moment before we are torn asunder and implored to explore a delirious projection on bound too smoothly collide with the notion of victim hood.

Misunderstood, yes, momentarily, yet this vacancy is driven by a selfish inadequacy to face the past and release the trauma, transmute into understanding through the art of love, that which is true alchemy.

Sought after no longer that which is rotten, allow it to embellish the forgiven and be forgotten.

For when we render ourselves and surrender to the course of that which is fluid and infinite, we can live in the moment entirely and earnestly without a single moment of doubt or regret.

Now depleted, a hypothesis is dictated, one that ignites the previous sewn wounds, how the cellular memories of betrayal, pain and lost pride ache.

The jewels of oneself, our own heart and the one whom we embrace in a symbiotic painting which we actively portray.

For the traits of the unknown that evoke negativity are deeply rooted in the ferocious cycle of insanity that provides one with nothing more than simple redundancy.

For how can we learn if we do not evolve clean from our mistakes?

Forever severed for the moment under the visual umbrella that stems unique cells which distribute the collective frequencies that attune to our emotional convictions, our clear individual distinctions, that separate fact from fiction.

The congruent elective, a stable element that is suspended simultaneously throughout all faculties of the present illusion.

What an intrusion that we vacantly accept delusions rather than intercept the frivolous pollution that blocks our innermost spiritual fruition.

Linger no longer, propel onward and elope with your own heart in order to begin down a true path that shall align you with the indefinite elevation positioned within your truth and vision.

Read through the lines and burn your disguise, relinquish and egotistical blind that shall prevent any form of reacting to uncertain times.

Ready for the moment as it presents itself. That is as we are meant to be. Knowing and at peace. Hopefully that is where you reside, thank you for reading. Support me by following my blog and sharing my work, it is appreciated beyond measure. I am working on my first book my friends, it will be self published by August 2019, I will keep you all updated on it’s progress!

Sending you Light through Love,


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