Dunkel Medizin

Getting out of the way.

There is always an obstacle, a fork in the road, is there truly an internal equation that alludes to the ending solution.

Or was it the journey itself, the suffering and sorrow, anguish and bliss, love and adventure, that ultimately prepared you to release this present gift.

For the medicine available, intrinsically diverse and providing answers within, is in the moment and at last divulges once you surrender anew and allow your soul to vibrantly spin.

With all of our senses activated, our mind completely vacant, the universal symphony readily transcends and immerses you into the depths of possibility and acceptance.

For listening through the white noise and allowing the stillness to seep in, radiates the highest frequency of love, a collapse of all within perception, all that is encompassed within a single humming syllable.

The true source in which we are infinitely vulnerable, the blank canvas in which through our creative intent we release the unique piece of art that flows fluidly and naturally when we accept the present and channel the truth embedded within our heart.

Dancing through the Muse, our emotional charge, to distinguish and harness, to at last be in charge. For if there is no control within this ever fine progress, we may taint and corrupt that which began as divine inspiration.

For there is a dictating voice that we all must suffer through, one that incites fear, self doubt and criticism, to accept this fallacy as true will only allow the torment to continue, to love and accept will force the parasitic host into an early deluge.

For we are profusely the dictator of the present reality, to push through and prosper under the universal human condition is something that we all hope to attain. invest in the personal process, digest and relinquish the shackles of anger, pain and regret.

For we alone choose to make ourselves an early bed, six feet under, suffering from the monsters playing tricks in our head.

Choose to move ahead, the motion is the notion that shall suffice until the end of this rotation.

See yourself for what you are. Let that which doesn’t agree pass through and remind you, that each and every cell is a memory embedded in you. Heal the root of the issue in order to embrace yourself, your heart and your soul. Know you are loved more than you can comprehend, and that you are writing this tale from start to end. I appreciate you reading my friends, enjoy your weekend. Follow the blog and share my work if you wish to support me on my journey as writer.

Sending you Light through Love,


*My third EP, “Lovers and Errors” is in the process of being recorded and shall be released by the beginning of July. Listen to my previous EP’s in the meantime, provided in the link below.


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