Time Lapse Sun Kiss

To the brink and furthermore past the point of exhaustion and physical pain, as with each stride forward we seem to regain, a healing strain that caresses your light and fragile frame.

Past the limit and deep into the horizon, there is a clear liaison between introspection and simple projection.

As there is an opposite effect that attracts this decisive action, with vague satisfaction there is a polar reaction that suffices to say everything up until this moment in time was but a mere emotional reflection.

Gazing deep into the endless waters of time, for they coincide with what is presently defined when you gaze in the mirror, manifest, do not detest, deep within those blessed burning irises, be still and confess.

For there is a lump in my chest, dark and heavy, yet purged at last, it was but a ill digested memory, that would not allow to pass.

Now in the light, there is clarity in sight, no plights to intertwine with my vibrant mind, at least for the time.

For the wind chimes and accepts my breath and there is an open heart growing wider and wider within my chest, where my beating heart unleashes an inferno that salutes the sun.

Torn asunder for the futility of miscommunication, aging promises and faded intentions, neglect within the present is a common ailment of the Human condition, in retrospection why are we incapable of committing wholeheartedly to love’s retention?

For the moment is what it is for a unknown reason, the more we ponder and decipher our fragmented actions, that which we imposed in the past as it shattered to glass and is only remembered piece by piece, little by little, until it is whole once more and you remember at last.

Thrown to chaos for it was but a singular memory, etched into eternity, that could not be replicated, not even possibly.

For we must cherish and respect this present for it is a gift, those around you deserve to be nurtured and cherished, evolving in a symbiotic manner beside one another, never shall we ever put ourselves to a lower vibration for the sake of it.

As the only destination in which we truly fit, where we properly and rightfully deserve to reside, is in our hearts, as our truest self, for within this sacred vessel there is no reason to hide the triumphant, immaculate and beautiful spirit that abides by our will to experience this plane of existence within the conceptualized space known as time.

Ever growing, ever yonder with each sun and moon cycle. Passing deep within each and every crevice of your essence, allow yourself to be cleansed and purged of this debilitating and insufferable cycle.

Or allow the peace of mind, if that is what you possess, to never regress, to encapsulate your force and only continue to progress further and further until you have simplified this complex matrix.

For that is where we find peace, exactly where we began, underneath the moonlit sky, dancing slowly, hand in hand, singing messages to one another, to the earth and to the sky.

Here in this present moment, we reawaken to the reality that is evolution of all through oneself, actualized through infinite singularities yet collectively interwoven through the intention of that which was and will be, what a story we tell.

Right now, keep close to your heart those who are suffering dearly at the oppressive hands of others. There is so much going on all around us, it is difficult to keep touch with all that is. For me, I pray for the safety of those protesting in Hong Kong. I pray for the safety of those suffering under false incarceration and those living under oppressive regimes. I also pray for the situation involving the U.S.A and Iran to settle down. I pray for you as well, and for myself. We are all searching for that which is right in front of us.

Currently working on my first book. A collection of my stories, poems and philosophies that I have written over the years. It will be available September 2019.

Sending you Light through Love,


Please check out and support my music friends, the link is below. I am currently producing and working on my 3rd EP “Lovers and Errors” whill will be released in July.


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