Verstand Verkleidung

There is endless possibility within an open mind.

The simplicity of the current dilemma is that what we lack, we could not possibly find.

Not if we searched endlessly, and were dragged through the infinite current of time.

This looping cycle is pointless and just as endless if we do not take a moment to rewind.

Engage a memory of a sunlit day in which a soliloquy vacantly traced your lips through the essence of poetic bliss, as that was before yet now why is it that we cannot possibly reattain?

That honest happiness, true love flowing just as deeply as the crimson blood that flows through our veins.

As it is all the same and ultimately at the core there is no difference.

Other than immediate culture and social molding, within the Human Spirit we are never truly defeated.

As with the will the change this predicament into an astounding solution despite the fact that emotionally you are in the thick of this shadow conflict.

That can only be solved when you conquer the darkness blocking your heart from opening and flowing freely like a fountain of boundless light into this ever vast and beautiful world in which we cohabit.

And that is our purpose, is it not?

To live freely in a world unbounded and free to dwell within our own realms of thought.

For we are in unison intrinsically, choosing which bell tolls manifest within our realm of perception aimlessly.

Once and for all destabilizing and eventually overthrowing the egotistic fallacy that prevents us from seeing eye to eye in our own states regardless of that which is present through our thought waves, understand that in the end, love is all that shall be.

Much love, thank you for reading as always. Time is of the essence as always, use it wisely.

Sending you Light through Love,


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