See through Chaos

Exaggerate the moment until the meaning is reduced to nothingness.

For when we complicate the beauty of the moment we extrapolate the value that we see in our love.

For how can our light reach and grow the variables that make up each and every part of us, if we do not thrust forward amid the rubble of a fallen vanguard.

At the front, where all the action took place, the ashes and scars, the tumbleweeds and charred settlements.

All of these visual aspects form the foundation of our standstill.

Standing still, in the whirlwinds of time.

Where paradise and the apocalypse intertwine.

This is the equilibrium, where dusk meets dawn, reflection greets the shadow. We are hollow until we internally grovel and decipher the riddle, that was written by ourselves before we descended, into the valley of the ancient, present and futuristic.

In this state we are capable of transcending and propelling away from the abyss.

A stasis that inflicts itself upon those who are unsettled and unwary.

Distracting us from ourselves and investing us deeply into the universal concept of fragility and misery.

So disheartening to see myself within the irises of my family, whom I am incapable of assisting substantially, for I am only capable of providing the remedy to me.

The medicine we seek is situated internally deep within our heart, when it is tapped into as the maple, sap that is every so sweet, flows freely and brings us to a point where we believe we can truly restart.

As this heaviness is far too much a for a single man or woman to bear, the ache of a broken heart has been felt throughout the ages, it is our collective load to share.

Being bare is nothing to be ashamed of, for this is our frame, natural and unwilling by the social constructs that misinterpret the true love and beauty inherent in each and every part of the energetic sphere that encapsulates the vivid dream in which we all wake within and share.

Allow this moment, this verse, to lift whatever it is that you perceive as a curse.

For you deserve far more, and this life was never meant to be a chore.

Each and every day is a blessing and a gift to interpret your own divinity, allow your love to grow more and more.

For we are never drowning save for within our minds, on shore we can always remain unless the sea submerges this plane of existence and resets this specific timeline.

This is a plea, to myself and certainly to thee, a universal hymn if you will, a prayer that will pierce and heal those that stand near and still, for there is no solution at the end of a bottle or a pill, no answers to be found on the internet or from a trained therapist’s mental drill.

For our spirit is screaming and bleeding and begging us to no longer be giving into a vacant world that is only filled when our heart’s are soaring.

For we live in black and white, within the twilight, so long as we are unwilling to accept that which is and love the divine light protruding from our own insight.

Life get’s busy. It never stops. We all know that. Remain vigilant however, make time. Do what you love. Enjoy your beautiful life. Love those around you. Show me some love by following the blog and sharing my work, it means the world to me my friends.

Sending you Love through Light,


My music is available below!

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