Отворено срце

There comes a time when we truly have to put down our blade and armor.

The layers of ego and mental constrictions that we hold ourselves to so that we may keep ourselves safe mentally, emotionally and spiritually (certainly physically as well).

We put barriers up, we build habits, we cling to belief systems as a means of keeping what we believe we know in our world from shattering into infinity.

What we believe we know, is ultimately always challenged, each and every day and in many encounters, if we weren’t challenged, rarely would we feel the need to respond or “defend” our point of view.

When we ask ourselves, “What is it that I truly know?”, our entire world shatters, if we are open to the truth.

For what we believe we know is simply a matter of perspective.

There are of course, absolute truths.

I am conveying this message using my laptop and will deliver it to those who are currently reading via the medium of the internet, that is true.

The fact that the everything is made up of energy and light, that is true.

There are many things we know, yet the further we delve deeper into the grand mystery of that which is the living Universe, the more little we begin to understand in the grand scheme of things, as simplicity divulges into infinite complexity once the box of Pandora is opened, the search never ends.

When we surrender to this moment, at this very time, and really just feel ourselves within our body.

With our feet grounded.

Our irises taking into the photons and in turn transmitting the images that our brain in turn depicts as our current reality.

As a deep breath traverses throughout our very essence and releases once more into the outer world from the inner, we begin to see that this is all there ever was and all that ever will be.

The armor of ego, the blade of perspective, these tools that were weighing us down so much, forcing us to constantly repair them after engagements and sate their desires, that we forgot that when we took off the disguise and dropped the weapon, it’s just us underneath.

Bare and unscathed, the same as always, light as a feather and true to ourselves.

Unwilling to commit ourselves to the fallacies of others as we are only capable of actualizing the potential inherent and therefore fulfilling the self prophecy of evolving oneself so that we may assist the collective through love, compassion and an unrelenting will to move past our shadows.

Looking at the wreckage from the past, the scarred armor on the floor, the crooked blade, the time for battle is no more, ever so sore from the war, it is time to turn the page.

For we cannot cling to the ways of darkness, as they have corrupted us to our very core, there is a reason we all feel numb to the horrors outside of our doors, for when we see the starving child or the slaughtered father through the abyss, we internally realize that this is us, it always was and it always is.

We neglect ourselves when we do not care for one another.

We allow the darkest of our shadows to take control and unconsciously rape the earthly mother while sending brother against brother in wars of deception that send tears flowing down the cheeks of the exhausted sisters.

For we see it, do we not? Outside our very window.

I am no robot.

I am not made of cold steel.

I am but flesh and bone, I truly feel and this is my form of appeal.

As I cannot accept the exuberant zeal of those following the ancient ways of hedonism, destruction and sacrifice of one’s spirit in order to move forward in a world of physical, that which isn’t entirely real.

As in this very moment, I am interwoven, bare and shouting at the hourglass in a manner that would be considered soft spoken.

Awoken, yes, regrets, yes, confess, yes, I shall.

For I am you, see through and through, a tough acknowledgement to chew, but a fragmented perspective is but a single note in a verse that will heal the any ailment.

For the cure is here, present and vacant, you cannot order, bribe or conquer for it, you must search within and then denounce that which you mistook for privilege as a decision.

My heart, open and flowing, tar and glass, flowers and embers, a few of the visible ingredients that I’ve held within.

Now purged, the time is now, to begin.

A new day on the horizon yet action takes time to encapsulate and actualize.

So, for the present moment the message is clear, to a moment to sensitize, visualize and float down to the love available to you when the truth collides with what you fantasize.

Your dreams as mine, there is no time to romanticize, this life is vivid and limited and we must soon fly the banner of freedom, prosperity, unity and the opportunity to fight or fly.

Be present. Don’t be distant in the moment, we owe it not only to ourselves, but certainly those around to to directly experience each moment wholeheartedly. Otherwise we may find ourselves distant from where we truly wish to be.

Thank you for reading friends, I pray that you are having a lovely weekend. I have been so far. If you enjoy my work, follow the blog and share my work with your friends and family. I am currently working on my first novel. A collection of stories, poems and philosophies that I’ve written over the years, I shall keep you all updated.

Enjoy the remainder of your day or night, sending you Light through Love,


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