Songs in the Earth

What an opportunity this is, a privilege beyond description yet without inspection and with due attention it is clear to acknowledge that we have attained a place of clarity, a new found affection.

For nothing more than the air soaring and the fire blazing, a few soft words spoken underneath the fragile hourglass.

For each and every moment fades away to the past, as the vigilant consciousness reaches further beyond the dwindling funnel, that which provides.

For we are all called upon in order tot provide.

If we do not provide then we simply ponder.

If we ponder too long then we begin to wander, welcome to the abyss, this is a plane of existence in which many of us visit and persist does not exist.

For there are answers that emerged suddenly, lost just as quick as they arose, tick tock, on the clock, as we dwindle deeply and the candle wax drops, there is no light.

In darkness tonight there, before we expire, pray shall we at least have a lengthy toast?

It is a ritual, I won’t boast, for the time being remain at post and observe the vigil, for the passionate winds that divulge from coast to coast do little more than surprise the eyes.

Do not fantasize, realize the magic interwoven throughout your very own daily life.

Is it simply coincidental or perhaps are you at last venturing further and further away from the ever consuming pedestal, the egotistical parasite that leaves us at times embraced by a catatonic standstill, reaching for yet another pill in order to feel or remain still.

Shattering now, fro there is no knowing as to when the dam shall burst and the truth sweeps like an unrelenting and unconscious storm.

No mercy, for that destruction shall renew the creative process, birthing possibility once more into infinity and beyond, now tell me, do you feel the thrill?

As the crimson and ebony, the two colors the epitomize my reality, are fragmented, alas the universal law of duality, but tell me my friends, if you lost your perceived heartbeat would you simply allow it to be?

Or would you lash out viciously, terrorize the countryside and become a phantom of your own sincerity?

Or the opposite, collapse into the deepest states of understanding and tranquility.

Possibilities, possibilities, oh they are vigorously explored and implored upon to no avail for where we hail from is experimental to a degree that also represents you as it is me.

Acknowledge the precedent, the present, there is no more.

Live and explore, allow love to guide you to the vital understanding that we are experiencing the collective through a veiled door.

Much love my friends. I pray you are doing well and living to your soul’s content. If you enjoy my work, follow my blog and share the posts, if you do that already, then thank you.

Sending you Light through Love,


Music? I do that too, check out the link below family.

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