Whispers in the Shade

It’s a fluttering dance within the candle light.

Providing a single glare emitting throughout the vast twilight, to our dismay or to our delight, this ever present song that radiates amidst the fabricated collection of our memories.

Plucking the chords endlessly, each serenading or detonating the emotional frequencies that are harnessed within each individual spirit.

Experienced through the various and only denied by the complacent, we are ancient and far from vacant, night shades prowling the distant emerald plain underneath a sea of stars remind us of that.

Fulfilled in the simplicity of our eternity, yet we are not able to be still and let it be, are we?

For we are certainly caught up in the chaotic play of our very Humanity, and it is Insanity, that I will not deny nor would I ever vilify.

For throughout the entire spectrum of possibility, there is always a flare within the infinity that could suddenly come alive within you or I.

It is here that the previous dies, a new mask takes hold upon the mental game, the body morphs into a different shape, to represent this current state, while deep within our soul remains, untapped and depleted, what a shame.

Yet that is a frequent disposition within our essence in this day and age, and are we to blame?

Or is there a far deep and more intrinsic force at play?

One that we cannot possibly understand nor comprehend for we are adept within only this dimensional frame.

This box that is meant to be broken yet that is an unspoken paradox, for once you break free there is no possibility that you will be able to put your cage back together.

For there is safety in ignorance, a lesson represented repetitively throughout history yet we still cling to unconscious refuge out of the grip of fear.

As though if we adhere to this systematic degeneration then maybe we won’t be lead astray.

Maybe we’ll simply sit through it all in the eye of the storm and at the end of the chaos once order begins to reinstate we’ll contemplate our own morality.

For if we are not willing to lend a hand to another then why in turn she we expect the same to be reciprocated when the time calls for it untimely?

When we are battered, bruised and all alone, is it solely ourselves that we can call upon to provide grace and sanctuary?

Of course not, that is a fallacy, we are social creatures that cling to be loved and understood, unless we are a sociopath and believe ourselves above the natural laws of common decency.

As within our hearts there is a collective understanding that we abide by unless we coldly shield ourselves therefore never reciprocating the voice.

Which voice is that?

It’s ours, interwoven and in unison, breaking through to a deeper level in which our eyes see deeply into our lovers pores and take in each and every part of them until they are completely and utterly entangled in the full roar of this lively and passionate storm.

Here we never conform, we simply understand and deeply appreciate each single touch, a soft hum, our breath on one another.

This is what paradise is, is it not?

Available to us all once our mate reveals themselves infinitely and we howl together universally until the sun and moon both fall, like snowflakes into this eternal river, turning to cinder in the middle of the longest winter.

A splash of hope and a dash our courage, all that is required to inspire the most devout of pilgrimages.

For when we are beyond the possession and regression that is the pinnacle of the darkness, the negative human obsession to control and detach, until we are further and further at last, from the truth that we inherently represent and yearn to portray, the simple wanting for a real connection.

There is no other day we must reap the benefits of our individual spirit yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The hammer of freedom through understanding abolishes the confining chains of sorrow.

For when we swim within the volatile brimstone, we incarnate the anger that pushes a weight upon us even greater than that which Atlas seemed to uphold.

Relinquish and be at peace, deepen your love and find tranquility in that which sets a raging inferno within your kaleidoscopic heart and unleash your passion into infinity.

No point in allow the sands of time to swallow you whole.

That which is, is exactly what it is, only more experiences can broaden your horizon as your expanding reality unfolds.

Love. That is what we never forget.

Well, Life is lovely, short and chaotic. Who knows what cards will fall into our hands, always be open to the possibility that anything is a probability. I’ve been working on my first book. It’s a collection of my poems, stories and philosophies. I’ve been busy recently so I haven’t been able to put as much energy into it’s manifestation, however it is coming along and I will keep you all updated.

Thanks folks, share the post and my site if you wish you support my work. I rely on word of mouth and love what I do, so I appreciate your support.

Sending you Love through Light,


As always, my music is available on most major platforms, check out the link below.


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