As the Elements Argue

Life is best described in terms of wavelengths, at least from what I’ve inferred from my own individual experience thus far.

As it gain momentum and rises higher beyond imagination, there comes a point in which we ascend to the pinnacle of our current path.

From there, there are options, of course ever so many, yet without further complexity, the simple explanation is that once this highest goal is attain, we can either be at peace with the outcome, be disillusioned with it and lose faith and falter, or, of course, push further.

In reality, considering the universal concept of Duality, there cannot be a high without a low and vice versa.

We rise, only to fall, and we fall, only to rise.

Determined and individualized through our own Human experience, we contemplate, perpetuate and rinse and repeat, deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, that which is Life itself.

The opposite ends of the spectrum compliment one another ever so perfectly, and that is a universal truth that none of us could ever possibly deny.

For we could never possibly be grateful for the purple crimson sunset overhead beckoning us closer, as we lay underneath a silken emerald sea, while the infinite wind guides us gently along eternity, if we were not presently incarnate to experience the beauty as it dwindles, just as we do, due to the illusion of time.

Drifting in consideration, pondering my ever shifting reality, in which I push myself to dire extremities, so that I may feel and grasp the hidden possibilities arising ever so suddenly.

Redundantly this is a standstill, for if we were deliberately pushing away our innermost emotions, would that not disrupt the equilibrium that allows us to maintain a slight grip of sanity on this turbulent trip.

Alas, the coming storm that tears us apart openly and bleeds us dry, may have been the only remedy that would ultimately heal the light inside and allow our hearts to dry, for the sap of pain and darkness is within the deepest part of our core, only we can open up a tap and allow the extinguishing of this ever monstrous flame to roar one last time, and die.

Through rebirth, once again, we are bathed in wonder and the infinite world before us, free at last to dictate the equation that will once more uplift us, ever so sky high.

Once we wander and discover a new alchemical elixir that allows us to transmute anything in life to instant gold, would we truly be satisfied?

Or would we tire of the simplicity of the complexity and lose all hope and wonder in the mystery of Love and Life.

This is the pinnacle to a degree, at least momentarily, from me to thee. Thoughts and phrases, inspirations that are meant to enhance and enrichen your life to a point of celebration.

For this is no fantasy game, there is a wavelength in which we ride upon, a silken string.

Order and Chaos, alas the scales are constantly tipping, if you understand my inferno soul that is soothed a by calming wind, you know that within you too must acknowledge your essence, that which is, then decide where to truly begin.

For there are pathways and roads, tough and soft hands, small and large abodes, foreign countries and relaxing retreats, distant stars and low lit bars.

Ultimately however, these outermost images will only reflect your inner truth, there is no sense in constricting or diluting that which you encompass, you can choose to grow further and further, or drift and fade to the abyssal sea of stagnation and uncertainty.

Shifting, riding the wave, requires understanding and patience, bravery and the willingness to change your ways.

To be able to rise from the ashes, and start anew, even if you find yourself in a foreign circumstances against all odds, you must have faith that the tribulations currently unfolding were always meant to shape or break you.

This is the decisive factor, as we can only choose, there is a growing darkness in the light, just the the ebony pit begins to be revealed openly by a blistering flare that demands truth.

For the truth is that we can partake and make our destiny or cling to uncertainty, rejecting the natural flow of fluidity and being trapped within a mindset of fragmentation and instability.

Ponder no longer love, see the light in your eyes, look to the beauty unfolding within each photon.

Take in each and every sense and allow yourself to be deeply empowered by the creative forces the prolongs our encapsulated collective identity, perceived differently within the many faces of the abstract deity known as Humanity.

We always have a choice. It is ours and ours alone. We seal fate with our actions, alas we reap what we sow. Be conscious of what you manifest my brothers and sisters. Stay equalized, stay balanced. Most of all, have a fantastic weekend. I really appreciate all your support. Show me some love by following the blog or letting your friends and family know about it.

Sending you Light through Love,


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