Texta Memoriae

Little spindles woven together ever so subtlety, fabricating the distant possibilities as the sudden actions manifest unconsciously.

For this puzzle of time shall only unwind and reveal it’s design as we coincide and engage within the labyrinth.

A never ending tribulation that pulls us further and further through the ebbs and flow of infinity, we cascade through the infinite sea, searching for answers in riddles, for bliss in bottles, for love in the depths of another’s iris.

For this journey is the overall conjunction of the energetic combustion that resulted in our sudden disposition.

For it is forbidden to float away from the egotistical prison when in fact you signed the sentence which demands that your essence pays homage to this experiential session, in which our sole purpose is to learn, love and evolve, however only we can enact our honest intentions.

For in simplicity we could all live symbiotically, living compassionately and patiently, enjoying each and every moment from when the sun rises to when the moon recedes.

The other end of the spectrum, complexity, arises when we forsake our own integrity, let go of our own morality and allow the darkness within to take hold and lash out at those around us parasitically.

Two paths at the end of the forked road, the ageless concept of duality in which we portray our will through the mental and then the physical temple, at last released in the world.

The question for me is the same question for you, as we are both Light and Darkness, so in the end, when there is nothing but primordial chaos, which pathway shall you choose?

For it is not an easy road, each and every day we test our will and skill, against an outside world that can be rather viscous and volatile to those whom are unwilling to take conscious part in the universal portrayal of our own Humanity.

Lashing out, these energetic tendrils that shoot from my past into my present, it’s constricting and rather painful to accept the memories and possibilities that these fateful hosts transfer unto me.

For it is here, in both the lightest and darkest of my days, in between the lines of a poetic crusade, I bleed out and and acknowledge that today I can spill the truth upon this invisible page.

As we must see past our own bubble of self if we don’t wish to remain forlorn, as I see an emerald blue crystal extending from the end of a rainbow, edging me closer to the end of the world, let’s sail into space, astral project out of this place.

for I do not know if I have the grace nor the ability to maintain my composure and honor, for there have been countless times where I allowed myself to be wounded and falter, letting go of the hand of a lover, who would have never let me down had she been wounded by another.

See this ideology is nothing but a projection of my current state of mind, the ever present chaos is fueled by the constant struggle between light and darkness, the two friends of mine known as Jekyll and Hyde, here they wrestle, here they battle, as I myself admire the beauty in the struggle.

For this is no abstract statement, each and every one of us is battling the essence of Insanity which is integral to the soul of collective Humanity, the profanity and hilarity is that we alone are the judge, jury and executioner, so to speak, for we reap what we sow and then in turn we sow what we’ve reaped.

The endless cycle bleeds, tick and tock.

There is a clock with everyone’s name on it, there is a point in which we should really stop.

Meditate upon the present, meditate within your heart.

Meditate upon the love that ignited your spirit and allowed you to seal the scars and at last start, your voyage, through the tempest, unrest will plague you, but in the end you’ll realize it was for the best.

For we cannot be blessed, without a curse first being lifted.

We cannot change until we dissolve the characteristics of the past that pushed us further and further away from our heart’s initiative.

You are a gift and a weight, be free and expand or weighted down until you sink infinitely through the abyssal blankets.

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend my friends. Reconnect, that’s one piece of advice I can give you. Release the static, don’t be overridden with chaos. As always, I appreciate your support more than you guys can imagine, please follow the blog or share my work with family and friends, that’s how you show me love and motivate me to keep on doing what I love. The first book is still in progress, a collection of stories and poems. It will be available by the end of September. I’ll keep you updated.

Sending you Light through Love,


Show me some more love by checking out my music (I have a feeling you’ll really like it!),


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