Dust, Clocks and Chances

I look into the eyes of a ghost in the mirror, reminding me of thought waves that recently suspended themselves through my emotional interior.

We purge that which no longer serves us on our journey when the time comes. For there is purpose, and there is meaning interwoven throughout each experience.

It is up to the individual to divulge the lesson hidden deep within the present, so that the knowledge attained from the previous may at last be immersed into our essence as a memory in the present, so that it may serve us as we traverse further into the future.

Ideologies, relationships, philosophies, arts and styles, these are but a few of the main identification tools our egos utilize so that they have a set identity to recall and draw from.

Through our ego, our mind, that which we are conditioned and molded by choice and experience as each day passes, we come to construct ourselves more intrinsically and completely.

Taking in each additional memories, experiences and skills as we evolve further towards a more complete (or dissolve of course, into a less complete) Human being, we also discard that which served us in the past but currently has no place in our overall Human experience.

There are many reasons for us to purge or release that which we no longer require, in the case of an ideology, we may have discovered a truth that dissolved the ways of the ideology in which we clung to previously.

Relationships, we move apart from one another for many reasons; the two aren’t compatible, one isn’t ready while the other is committed, the two have been through much together and break apart due to the trauma and uncertainty that the past won’t replicate into the future, there are an infinite number of reasons.

Really, as stated in the latter, there is an infinite number of reasons for us to purge that which no longer fits within our sphere of life.

Our vibration attracts it’s opposite of the same vibration typically, alas the laws of duality.

That which you resist is typically what you need to encounter the most in order to experience the most fluid lesson, meaning in order to interpret the truth being disseminated to you, you must collapse, you must release, and you must find peace in absolute nothingness.

Surrendering to the Universe and the endless possibilities that are springing forth suddenly as the manifest, work through the unrest, this is the true test, and in the end we shall be grateful, knowing that these tribulations are blessings disguised, soon we shall be at our best.

Our best is detested en mass, for we live within a vibrant caste system and if you wish to make a move or ascend and pass the obsolesce, be prepared to be challenged by those that view your evolution into absolution as an intrusion that shall be obliterated.

For there, that is the antidote to the stagnating empires crumbling in front of our eyes.

Control has died. Control is dying. Control is receding. Control is reinvigorating. Control has subsided.

Freedom has arrived. Freedom is struggling. Freedom has died.

This is the tug of war between the universal forces of positivity and negativity, the pinnacles of polarity violently lashing out and portraying themselves upon our Earth, for all of life to see.

Broadcast throughout the infinite sea, here we are, the shooting star.

The sphere of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. A place in which we have the opportunity to break through this unholy veil and at last make a decision.

What is it that we seek?

What is my disposition that invades the riddles situated within my fortress.

We will not lay siege in order to break on through and purge anew.

No, that has happened before, far too many times, right before my eyes, in the absence of space and time.

My love, oh alas. That is all that I can trust this time. Myself and Love. To trust to love myself.

This is the only possible simulation that ended in a possibility of abundance and health, within the Human Trinity, the mind, body and my spirit.

That which invokes the passion, evoking my chaotic serenity, dancing like a flaming dragon within the thunderous ebony sky, releasing lightning as pain and burning infernos and the anger, allowing it to be cooled by the graceful waters and at last calmed as I ground myself at last between the Heavens, Earth and Abyss.

As above, so below, this I know, this is why I have been so alone. So disconnected from my ethereal abode, seeking nothing more than numbing and a dagger in my throat.

Yet when I at last release and open my eyes.

The conflict is won and I feel naturally high. For I did not swallow the destruction, I allowed it to release, revealing the most beautiful mosaic art piece, painted by angels, representing the highest domains of Love, Serenity and Peace.

Here and now, this is all there is, the opportunity and choice to move past this aimless objective, for we can pursue fruitlessly for an entire lifetime, resisting and pursuing the other side of paradise, only to be reminded that you shall only come into true Life.

Once you align the unified thrice entirety, your mind, body and spirit in complete harmony, moving closer towards your desired experience, the polarity if the negativity that once encapsulated your iris.

See through the illusions and delusions for the only intrusion are those that which you allow to further distract you from coming closer to your truth.

Known only to you sweet honeybee, sung only to you immovable mountain, touched by the flames of passion and smoothly directed by the invisible winds, enact your potential and then see how you essence takes shape and your life truly begins.

I look into the eyes of a ghost, the ghost of myself, I break bread and pour wine before collapsing this fabricated timeline into the far corners of space. The man who I am, smiles tiredly, breathes deeply and with the coldest of water, washes his face.

Thanks for reading my friends. Writing this took a lot of weight off of me. I’ve been really closed down for a while to be honest, and I’m just starting to open up again and breathe in the new and beautiful fresh air. Life, it comes in waves, as I’ve said many times before.

Grateful for your support! Support me by following the blog, sharing it with your friends and family and on your social media and by collaborating with me (fellow writers, blogs, editors, yes, hit me up at Brandon.andovic@hotmail.com if you are looking to work alongside).

Sending you Light through Love,


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