Edge of Creation

A creator can only manifest that which is present within their heart.

Our heart, as the conduit for our truth and intuition, is the ever present compass, guiding us gently, or in some cases, roughly, along our path of self realization.

Through the process of becoming actualized through the potency of choice, dictated by the self through free will, we become more whole, or in many cases, more fragmented.

As a creation capable of creating, the choice within this lifetime inherently is yours, just as it is mine.

Through the trinity of humanity, being our mind, body and spirit, we further evolve into an imperfect fragment, which when acknowledged, is perfected through the entirety of our collective, we all differ and alter in many different ways, strengths and weaknesses.

The choice we ultimately have, is what we choose to further enrich ourselves through, we further enrich ourselves through experiencing and further expanding our mind, body and spirit.

Following the steady beat of our heart in alignment with our soul intuitively guides us along the path of purpose, which gains momentum gradually and eventually, intensely, and only continues to pull you towards your destiny (that which you unconsciously manifest through the direction of spirit).

The opposite in turn, can of course take effect.

In this day and age of cheap thrills, easy satisfaction and condoned degeneracy, it is incredibly easy to turn away from our hearts, to turn away from ourselves, and in turn, “search” for meaning in the external world.

Searching for meaning in others, searching for meaning everywhere but yourself, when in fact, you were a blank slate, writing your own meaning, knowing who you were inherently, and instead, you allowed the societal construct to in turn mold you into someone you can look into the mirror and be proud of!

However, are we proud when we’ve put our energy, our life, into something that in truth, we really don’t care for.

It’s easy for us to be led astray and find ourselves wandering down an abyssal path, smiling faces greet us and congratulate us as we continue deeper down the ebony tunnel, in the end, our hand is shook, a badge is placed on our chest or a piece of brightly embroidered paper is thrust into our hand.

The transmutation is complete, yet this was not what you envisioned when you first were birthed into this magical plane and imagined the alchemy of change and wisdom that you intended to manifest within this lifetime.

What is this, a lie? Indeed, it most certainly can be.

When we live outside of ourselves and cling to the concept that eventually, one day, I will be whole and complete.

As long as I keep on grinding through the loop and don’t cause any commotion as I traverse the steel highways to my iron cage, one day we will be free, won’t we?

Alas, the true creator, comes from their heart, in the beginning the vibration leads us passionately and vigorously through until the end, where we allow ourselves to release and restart.

For through our own truth, inherently we are set free, as freedom is a state of mind, so long as you are present and allow it to be.

For there is nothing to force, no worldwide medal to achieve, no enemies to conquer, no monsters to spread fear and disease, there isn’t a hero wearing a shiny cape, nor is there a reason as to why bombs strike the righteous, the simple matter of the fact is that through symbiotic harmony, we can allow our collective past to digest.

For we are here now, in the present, the belly of the beast.

We have trials and tribulations to attend to, so that we may further expand our willpower and test the limits of our boundaries.

There are songs to be sung and stories to be told, there are stars for me to stare at and love that must turned to gold.

For that is the truth, divulged presently unto you, that came from my heart, so that it may pour into you.

For this emotional frenzy that chaotically stirs within me is the epitome of what is means to be fragmented as me, just as it represents the essence of thee, ever so differently, but I see the beauty, you should too.

As this is the ultimatum, to accept yourself as that which is, to release the song that needs to be heard by the world, from you.

You are a blessing, this much is true, a gift to this world, shining ever so brightly that it blinds the stars, sun and even the moon.

Incarnate within this divine vessel to distribute a lesson that is suspended through the sands of time, uniquely encoded within your DNA, you alone represent a single chord, a verse that once interwoven makes up the hymn of creation, love and space.

Here we exact our repentance, for it can no longer be contained in vain.

For we go insane, when we reject our heart’s beating truth.

Repeating the same mistakes, hopelessly falling through the same old loop.

It doesn’t have to be this way, for it was never meant to.

So alas, we create our own fate through our desired actions, the law of attraction pushing us forward unto dawn or downward once more if we still haven’t learned the hard lesson.

A transgression occurs when trust is broken, that is simple to understand yet far more complex to revoke, for once the bridge has been burned, and the chief architect has passed, how will we once again build an arching bridge towards one another, and once and for all, allow the real love that we both share to completely encompass the two of us, through a single touch, an empire is born.

Through a single sentence, that same kingdom falls.

We recall that which we a prepared to receive and process.

The real test ultimately is trusting yourself and knowing that where you are at this moment in time, is certainly for the best.

Allow yourself to rest, the birds sing hymns of love and joy in your ears.

Your ancestors whisper to you at night, of your beauty, the dreams and fears we all share.

That is what matters, that is what is fair.

Allowing our heart to be the compass and trust our self to at last guide us towards the ever present change, do not resist and do not look away, remain stalwart and proud, for your love rules alone, and it always shall, until the end of days.

Sweet stories unfold from me to you, that is what makes me smile, and I hope you in turn are smiling towards me (or at least the digital words present before you). Be grateful my friends, I know I am.

I really appreciate your support tribe, you know who you are, support me by following the blog and sharing my work with your friends and family, it means the world to me.

Sending you Light through Love,


My music is available via the link below, let me know what you think!


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