Visual Sound Waves

A sudden visualization can easily steep us deep into the mystery of ourselves.

Compact and dormant, building up to a climax, when there is no questions or wonder, the release of photons that encapsulates our essence, now that is a moment of pure substance.

As the realization sets about us, expanding the previously receding horizon, we chime in at the perfect moment, for now, there is a solution.

A solution that flows through me into infinity, breathing hope into an empty sea, bringing life back to a vacant husk, propelling us forward, for if we digress then we are incapable of possessing the invisible possibilities that manifest suddenly around us.

Only through focused intent are we capable of harnessing the potential that is inherent among us.

For a moment it is simple, the next it is complex, so now we determine, to bring order to this chaos or lay about it all to rest.

For I am on a journey, drawn deeper into this vivid and elusive painting, in which their are no boundaries, this is a visual story that we collectively ignite.

Shades of ebony and crimson cling to my skin at night, as waves of emerald sapphire drift me closer to the promise of daylight.

As more lines caress my skin, and scars reveal themselves in which I had believed to be long forgotten, I can’t help but continue to process the insinuation, that there is far more beyond this veil of societal conformity and individual destruction.

For this is a concept that plagues and desecrates my essence, the weight of the world bearing upon us at last, Atlas was released from his eternal sentence.

The point in fact is that we alone are what we lack, we expect an external source to fulfill a void, that within alone could be healed if you were to focus your love inside.

For we hide, do we not, easily and without a second thought.

Even when we are forced to observe the reality in which we are giving away the very freedoms that previously we gave our blood and life to achieve, for I will never bend the knee, and neither should thee.

For through symbiotic discussion and understanding, we could release the trauma that continues to separate us through fear and confusion.

Contortion, an act of realignment, to confide in you would be a sign that I am incapable of handling my objective.

The objective to captivate and serenade, the misbehaving thoughts within so that I may at last manifest order and peace within my space.

Through evolving and dissolving and revolving around an experimental sphere, we grow more accustomed to understanding that the fragmented whole is truly not so separate when you begin to go within each and every ear.

To communicate the days and nights that filled us with hope and fright.

To hold one another in tears or joy.

To expand our thoughts and further plan for a prosperous future.

To release an enormous burden that truly we all share.

For we are not meant to be isolated, nor are we meant to withdraw.

We are meant to stand side by side in unison, understanding that we are separate with good reason as one’s strengths is another’s flaw, and vice versa.

Specialized once analyzed and set forth to claim destiny.

Remember, do not float aimlessly,

Ground yourself with a harmonious soliloquy, be at ease and flow as the breeze, without impeding the progression of our brothers and sisters as the too, shift, struggle and emerge victorious within their own universal journey.

You are you. You are special. You have purpose. Only you however, can actualize your truest potential or be stagnated and imposed to do the bidding of another, becoming an energetic slave who is encouraged as a disciple. There is but a single path for you, but you can wander astray incredibly easily. Be stalwart and vigilant, and abide by your own lessons in history. Support my work by following the blog and sharing among your friends and family.

Grateful. Sending you Light through Love,


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