Gelida Ignis

There’s a crack in the wall, splintering on through, revealing wisps of differing shades of light.

Distant songs wander outwards, sounds that would either make you shiver or howl with delight.

As we are born curious, and this appears to be a sudden mystery, it’s best we implore this journey, rather than fade away into the night.

As that happens far too plenty, we recede into the twilight, feeling ever so empty.

Giving faith to a soliloquy, verse, certain poison or favorite charm, whatever keeps the night shades at bay so that we may peace rather than questions and discord.

So further we go, me alone, but trust that dreams could only reveal to you what you are destined to achieve.

To perceive this conclusion to a similar destitute illusion, which I intentionally preach.

Spewing the ups and downs through riddles and points which radiate emotionally on various frequencies.

The intention is medicine, that is the result I hope to achieve, yet only through change can I truly further the expanding notes as I play this expanding song universally.

That which I sing feels right within my heart and without my fire being fed by my love, I dread that I would burn out before too long.

That is wrong is it not, to view a horizon through an ever consuming thought, that would only result in insanity, the endless search for a desired result.

When in all honesty there is no reason for any of this other than releasing my programming for myself to see, that only through my own forgiveness and constant presence can I allow myself to live fluidly.

This is a simple lesson is it not, or is it a blossoming flower progressing to a point of beautiful truth rather than a regurgitating redundant and ugly sudden thought.

In vain, that is something I attempt to abstain from portraying externally.

Yet I think something that can be noted more than ever before you see, is that only a fool would believe themselves capable of achieving immortality, for we die with no just cause if we served solely ourselves rather than allowing our love to overflow and appeal to those whom we know not.

However great the weight upon our shoulders, we must resolve it as soon as possible and absolve the revolving rotation, that tends to take a vacation only to resurface at a later and incredibly inconvenient date.

Alas, we cannot tame fate, it is the only certain date.

Does this not mean then, that we must thoroughly live and love each and every single breath as though it could very well be our last?

Rather than dwindling away aimlessly, watching the dust settle on the ever changing hour glass.

This will have to pass, this heaviness in my chest, it feels as though I have been pacing in a cell for a century, sick with unrest, and that I detest, truly and thoroughly.

As I have to access to the ever fading memories that unsettle the fabricated collective of Humanity, do you, do we all, is that simply what we must currently process?

Or is there a far simpler answer to this whole internal conflagration, one that I have yet to unravel and digest.

That is the sole reason as to why this spiderweb of conjunctions is becoming more clear, and dear, and in turn, certainly sincere.

For the fear is dissipating remotely at first but vastly spreading towards the moment where we can start, to truly acknowledge and venture further beyond the limits, these boundaries that once existed dissolve simply, here it is I believe we may start, anew and true.

So for the time being without further due, renunciation of the former latitude is firmly cemented within the future voyages that exist solely through a vibrant crack in the wall that emits rather otherworldly tunes.

Enjoy the evening, allow peace to settle and release the previous as you prepare for the new. I really appreciate you guys reading my work, I love writing, it soothes the soul, and I hope reading has the same effect for you. Support my work by following the blog and sharing it with your friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


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