Open Thoughts Fly

A crimson horizon greets my weary soul upon planetary ignition.

There are memories before me, and stories forming, yet I am rather numb.

For there is an emptiness within the epitome of this forlorn cry.

Crying for the beauty of this perfect past to seep into the present, so that I may integrate my entirety momentarily.

For I do not wish to lay in the shadows any longer, I miss the warmth and love of the light.

In spite of the pretence of pain, deep within I’ve never been more alive.

A transition that invokes this emotional disposition, to analyze and integrate all of my decisions so that I may further form into a more complete being.

For you cannot be complete if you retreat, believing you achieved a higher state in which you’ve shed the skin of darkness, that which caused you to live in fear and always hesitate.

Yet as of late, as the hour spins, as the sun shines and the moon sings soulful hymns, there is a voice that whispers deep within my fragmented heart.

For once a chapter closes, there is no ending, solely a new beginning yet to start.

Yet to hesitate this proposition, one from the universe itself pleading for your soul to listen.

As we can easily egotistically ignore, the call of our heart to pursue our dreams and truly soar.

For last night I wandered a graveyard in a hazy scene.

The fog was strong, the wind screeched and howls of the past brought me to my knees.

Consumed by the weight of the world suddenly, I felt as though I would perpetually freeze.

Deeper and deeper I fell into a paradise reminiscent of hell, suddenly I heard an enticing bell.

Awaken with cold sweats and a body that is ever so sore.

For I realized at that moment, after entering a trancelike state of bliss, that if I do not truly and fully pursue my innermost desire, my dreams that burn within as an intense fire, then I will have lived a life that was not my own, and that alone is a poem that can’t be inspired.

As this moment in eternity is perpetually questioning me as the the next move upon this personal chess board of mine.

Yet without complete faith within, I can’t reach a point of complete clarity and freedom.

That is the current objective in which i pursue, delusions within this deluge will no longer lead me to rotten fruit.

Grounded and aware, conscious of the intention in which I prepare.

Delivering this single sentence to you, your heart is the purest instrument and through your spirit alone can it play true.

You have a single life and a single chance. This has never been a game and there is no such thing as a second chance in true reality.

Choose wisely and carefully but never hold back, as we alone lay the foundation in which our consciousness may spring forth and be prepared to take back, collectively that which it is that we truly lack.

Love and Unity, Truth and Harmony, foreign words to some but if you look within then you shall see, that these principles inspire us to move forward into an age of understanding and prosperity.

Present in this moment and blessed to be. Grateful to you guys for supporting my work, please share with you friends and family and follow the blog to show some love!

I just released a new single “Escape the Dream” under my musical name The Aquarian Initiative. Follow the link below to listen and please share with your friends and family if you enjoy, it means the world to me, I worked really hard putting this one together!

Sending you Light through Love,


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